About Ruijie

Ruijie Networks (stock code:002396) is a leading network solution supplier of China. We focus on customer benefits and strive to improve the network application experience of our customers through continuous technological innovation. Ruijie Networks provides end-to-end network solutions for telecom carriers, financial services, government agencies, education and enterprises to create values for customer networks.

Introduction Milestones

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Sustainable Development

China Enterprise WLAN Market Share Rank First Source: IDC Tracker, 2015 Q2

China Campus Network Authentication Solution Market Share Rank First Source: CCW Research, 2016 May

China Virtual Computer Classroom Solution Market Share Rank First Source: CCW Research, 2016 May

Independent Research & Development

  • 15% of sales revenue invested in R&D
    30% of R&D budgets invested in pre-research
    50% of personnel engaged in R&D

  • 5 R&D centers: Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin

  • Own 1,548 patents of invention, ranking top 3 in China network communication field

  • Advanced R&D management system, achieved the standardization and institutionalization from project approval, R&D, trial production to mass production

  • In-depth and comprehensive partnership with well-known international giants, such as Broadcom, Marvell, Qualcomm, Intel, and TI

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Ruijie Quality Manual
Pursuit of excellence is a deep commitment of Ruijie. Ruijie delivers high-quality products and services on the basis of a complete quality control system, quality control processes, scientific inspection solutions, and effective lean production. Ruijie actively responds to the customers, helps them get the most out of their networks through continuously innovative products and tailored solutions.
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