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OEM Supported, Reduce work costs for existing properties,
upgrade bandwidth, and improve reliability

一, high-speed solution using existing telephone wiring

Ruijie provides ISPs, CATVs, and carrier operators with telephone line Internet access solutions for various scenarios, such as condominiums, apartment buildings, housing complexes, and hotels.

Using protocol technology, it delivers gigabit bandwidth with existing telephone line wiring, helping to increase network speeds, reduce work costs, and provide highly reliable Internet services.

OEM Supported, Reduce work costs for existing properties, upgrade bandwidth, and improve reliability

Do you have any of the following challenges
while providing network services to your tenants?

Rewiring is difficult and expensive

With DSL services, it is no longer sufficient to meet user needs. Gigabit bandwidth access has to be rewired, which influences the lives of home users. Additionally, there are issues, such as the high costs of additional work and adjustment of the work period.

Rewiring is not possible on some sites, resulting in lost customers

Some older apartment houses and hotels have thin pipes and are not suitable for the work. As a result, new pipes cannot be added, which may result in lost customers.

Insufficient network bandwidth and low user satisfaction

User needs for the Internet are increasing day by day. Network access using the existing telephone line is unstable and inconvenient due to insufficient bandwidth. It affects work efficiency and entertainment experience, resulting in more complaints from users and lower user satisfaction.

Ruijie provides, high-speed solution
that continues to use existing telephone wiring

This solution consists : the telephone line Internet devices (Main Telephone Line Unit + Child Telephone Line Unit). Child unit are connected to the main unit through the telephone line. provides users with a high-speed network experience while providing operators.

Routing Mode
Bridge Mode

No rewiring required, which eliminates work costs

By using existing telephone lines, there is no need for wiring throughout the building.
Broadband access is achieved by installing the devices.
High-speed Internet access can be easily achieved even in complicated houses where line pipes are too thin for wiring.

Existing telephone wiring solution:

No work cost. The postage for a child telephone line switch is 8 $/room.

Wired network:

Building wiring cost + room wiring cost = about 74 $/room

*Source: Researched by our company

High reliability and covering more situations has a strong anti-interference feature. It supports the transmission distance of more than 100 meters, ensuring a stable and high-speed network in houses even in multifamily high-rise buildings and other complicated scenarios. It helps you win more contracts.

Multifamily network
50% is 50% faster than

100 m line
20% is 20% faster than

*Experiment results in the same environment

Bandwidth is increased by 10 times or more, improving the user experience

The protocol is used to achieve the maximum in-house throughput rate of up to 1.7Gbps. The child telephone line switch in a house fully satisfies the demand for Internet access with Wi-Fi 6. In the future, we will expand the frequency band to 500 MHz and improve the speed to 4-8 Gbps to meet new demand flexibly.
1.7Gbps Maximum in-house throughput rate is 1.7 Gbps.
* Theoretical in-house PHY rate is 2 Gbps.


VDSL: Maximum in-house throughput is 100 Mbps.

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Main Telephone Line Unit HS2310 Series Switches Command Reference, Release 11.4(1)B90


Main Telephone Line Unit HS2310 Series Switches Configuration Guide, Release 11.4(1)B90(1)


Main Telephone Line Unit HS2310-16GH2GT1XS Hardware Installation and Reference Guide (V1.0)


Main Telephone Line Unit HS2310-16GH2GT1XS Web-Based Configuration Guide (V1.0)


Child Telephone Line Unit HA3515-DG Access Point Web-based Configuration Guide (V1.0)


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Please describe the impacts on noise interference of and and the reason (mechanism) for the difference.

Interference can be resolved with the Vector Boost software algorithm for both and Vector Boost is a technology that is well-known in the DSL industry. It is also known as DSM (Dynamic Spectrum Management).
When interference occurs, the algorithm of is not adjusted based on a single node where the interference occurs, reducing overall performance. can adjust control individually for each node. Both are controlled by software, but their algorithms are different.

Please describe the frequency band used by uses 3-201 MHz.

Please describe the transmission distance of uses different lines, such as telephone, coaxial, and power lines. Please describe the criteria for the implementation environment and the priority for each line.

Our products use only telephone lines.
The maximum transmission distance is 850 m. The performance decreases depending on the transmission distance, so the recommended implementation distance is within 100 meters.

Please describe the costs of the main and child telephone line unit for Are any other devices required?

We will discuss the costs separately.
No other devices are required.

Please provide information about the system, specifications, and costs for remote management through remote access to

SSH, TELNET compatible, Ruijie cloud compatible (free license) (CWMP)

Please briefly describe the provisioning of, such as linking and initial settings.

Plug and play is supported. No configuration required.

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Main Telephone Line Unit

  • Use protocol technology and support telephone lines for data transmission, eliminating the need for wiring.
  • Achieve high-speed Internet access with 1.7 Gbps network throughput.
  • Compact size and quiet design support a wide variety of scenarios flexibly.
  • Provide WIS cloud management, quick failure localization, remote failure recovery, and more efficient operation and maintenance.

Child Telephone Line Unit

  • Use protocol technology and support telephone lines for data transmission, eliminating the need for wiring.
  • Support Wi-Fi 6 and provide an access rate of up to 1.77 Gbps.
  • Compact size allows home delivery to residents.
  • No setup required. Residents can install it by themselves.
  • Provide WIS cloud management, quick failure localization, remote failure recovery, and more efficient operation and maintenance.

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