On June 23, 2022, the Ruijie Networks partner channel meeting with the theme of "In-Depth Cooperation Win-Win Partnership" was held live in Beijing in a 1+N mode (combination of online and offline).
Venue of Malaysia 
Venue of Indonesia
Venue of Hong Kong, China
More than 100 core business partners of Ruijie Networks participated in the conference remotely in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, China, to discuss Ruijie Networks international market expansion strategy and seek a bright future together with partners.
Ruijie Networks currently have three main plans for international market development: multi-industry, multi-product, and multi-coverage. 
Multi-industry means Ruijie product solutions cover multiple industries such as higher education, basic education, government, medical care, and enterprises. In particular, the higher education market has always been the focus of Chinese market. With rich project experience, Ruijie Networks believes that in international market development, provide better support for customers in this particular field and other industries.
Multi-product means Ruijie currently has ten complete product lines, including switches, wireless, IoT, cloud desktops, routers, network security, IT operation and maintenance management, smart classrooms, identity management etc. all of those are widely used in various scenarios. Ruijie Networks believes that in-depth understanding of customers’ background in various industries with our refined solution output, could better locate customer focus points and develop targeted solutions in various industries.
Multi-coverage refers to the direction of Ruijie Networks’ expansion into the international market. Currently, six regions are established: Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America. There are professional sales and pre-sales teams responsible for business follow-up and provide comprehensive support for partners.
Through this In-depth Cooperation Win-Win Partnership meeting, Ruijie Networks launched fresh international channel partner policy: RAD as an overseas national core partner, and can develop second-tier partners. At the same time, established a second-tier partner system such as RGP, RSP, and RCP. In addition, Ruijie also launched a co-construction policy to ease the concerns of new potential partners.
Ruijie Networks Asia Pacific CTO Steven gave channel policy explanation during the event
Three factors for Ruijie Networks to continue to achieve high growth under the impact of COVID-19 worldwide:
1. The team of Ruijie partners is stable and dynamic, and is currently growing in the international market. With the expansion of markets in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Ruijie's international partners have become more diverse.
2. In-depth Cooperation Win-Win Partnership Meeting brings partners together. To provide comprehensive support and value transfer to partners for Ruijie Networks, which deepens the close trust between Ruijie Networks and international partners.
3. Create exclusive channel policies and co-construction support programs for international partners. With partners as the sales carrier, products and solutions are directly delivered to the end channel. At the same time, the launch of the co-construction plan dispels the concerns of potential partners and makes the cooperation with Ruijie Networks more flexible.
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