Resonance between technology and business has been continuously driving the network world. Recently, under the theme of 'Resonance', Ruijie Networks Internet Technology Summit 2019 kicked off in Beijing. Around 100 technology leaders and professionals from China's top Internet companies and IT enterprises gathered to share their ideas on major network architecture, chip technology and related applications in the industry, exploring the future of smart network technology together.

On this pioneering meeting featuring network technology innovation, Ruijie introduced a series of innovative products and solutions, including 100G/400G datacenter products, high-performance WLAN products based on Wi-Fi 6, posture-awareness solutions for network security and cloud office that unifies operation and management. The ultimate offerings attracted the attention of many technical big guns.

Resonating with Technology for a Connected Future

The time has come. The evolution of emerging technology is transformed from business-driven to technology-driven. Besides, Internet has been deeply integrated into every field in the society and leads social transformation, and meanwhile poses enormous opportunities and challenges to information technology. Facing the rapid growth of today's Internet products and business, enterprises can make Internet the new engine for the innovation and development of digital industry globally only by following the trend of Internet growth, improving Internet application and enhancing Internet technology innovation.

According to Wu Jipeng, General Manager of Internet System Department of Ruijie Networks, the network technology goes from immature to sophisticated and from isolated to open; business delivery speeds up continuously and moves from digital to smart. "Resonance" can bridge the gap between various technologies, between technology and business to connect everything. Driven by scenario-based innovation, Ruijie has grown into a leading provider for network solutions in Internet industry, serving 300+ Internet companies, and gained trust and recognition from most of its customers. In the era of Industrial Internet, Ruijie continues to innovate and push the envelope for deeper and wider collaboration. Ruijie is open to explore a more flexible & innovative collaborative model together with Internet companies for a tighter industry eco-system.

▲ Wu Jipeng, General Manager of Internet System Department of Ruijie Networks

Where do you see cloud computing network going for the next decade? How will datacenter network evolve in the face of the business variety and uncertainty?

Gao Liang, Technical Director of Internet System Department of Ruijie Networks, gave his answers in his speech, "Amid rapid growth of today's Internet products and business, the uncertainty of the parent business means that the underlying network needs to keep rapid improvement in network performance, stability and scale. Only established and standardized iteration can resist such business uncertainty. Large-scale and high-level datacenters become the key strategic resources for Internet companies, which ends up increasingly urgent call for high-density 400G offerings. Faced with this reality, Ruijie introduces 400G datacenter solutions, which meets users' needs for fast-growing bandwidth and scale in Internet industry and supports more flexible and agile business. ”

▲ Gao Liang, Technical Director of Internet System Department of Ruijie Networks

5G is already here. As for the coverage of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, Shi Jiangtao, Product Planning Director of Wireless Business Group of Ruijie Networks commented, Ruijie has already launched its all-scenario "Holo New Connect" strategy for wireless products, covering device network, business network and the HOLO Cloud Platform. Through this strategy, Ruijie has provided a wireless eco-system for a large number of terminals, fragmentation of business and continuous iteration of technology.

▲ Shi Jiangtao, Product Planning Director of Wireless Business Group of Ruijie Networks

As the types of business and traffic increase in datacenter, the scale of datacenter network is expanding rapidly. Moreover, balance between agile response, correctness of each change and business stability is becoming more and more difficult. Like it or not, SDN technology is to be replaced by IBN. Ruijie Networks has started its initial discovery of "ultra intelligent network" on the basis of legacy SDN simplified network solution/product, and introduced flow analysis broker FlowBroker, big data platform, AI analysis engine and unified control center for users. All of these will bring a powerful and intelligent closed loop control system to end users.

Lin Jinghua, Senior Network Architect of Ruijie Networks’ Research Group mentioned, ultra-intelligent network will usher in a new era of network development. It will enable decoupling on demand and intelligent control based on various scenarios. Besides, Ruijie's holistic solution IBN is about to roll out shortly to get the most of the "autonomous network".

▲ Lin Jinghua, Senior Network Architect of Ruijie Networks' Research Group

As for virtual desktop technology that is derived from cloud application, Qu Jingyang (Director of Department of Product Planning, Ruijie Networks' Cloud Desktop Group) mentioned, "Ruijie digs deep into the Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST), leverages VDI/IDV converged architecture, and creates virtual desktop layering technology. These features contribute to a significant increase in office terminal's performance, segmentation and deployment of office scenarios and security management of both systems and data, meeting the demands for flexible deployment, cost control, easy maintenance and security posed by users in Internet industry. Since 2014, Ruijie has been a top runner in China's enterprise-level terminal VDI market (IDC data) and leads in the virtual desktop field. Ruijie Cloud Office 4.0 solution, which was launched in 2019, complements the cloud desktop in terms of performance. It also expands its advantage over PC in dominant fields, delivering better experience and enabling "leapfrogging innovation".

▲ Qu Jingyang, Director of Department of Product Planning, Ruijie Networks' Cloud Desktop Group

During the summit, Ruijie also held a round table discussion. Ruijie held this sparkling discussion with technical big guns from Alibaba, iQIYI.COM,, Meituan and more in terms of the future trend of datacenter network. During the discussion, each party shared the network design of top Internet companies and experience in practice, and probed into how datacenter network technology and architecture would support business changes and respond to product evolvement.

Collaborative Innovation: Join Hands for Robust Development of Internet Industry

Besides, Alibaba, Tencent, Intel and other industry giants shared their exploratory journey in many fields with Ruijie Networks - their long-term strategic partner, including the evolvement of major Internet network architecture home and abroad, application and practices of DPDK in cloud environment, automatic control of datacenter, intelligent datacenter. These discussions brought the attendees a "resonance" of wisdom.

In the past few years, Ruijie Networks has continued to deeply root into the industry, managed to introduce a series of solutions represented by Internet datacenter scenario, and conducted productive innovation and collaboration with top Internet companies.

This summit not only shows Ruijie's capability in scenario-based innovation and technological breakthrough, but also serves as the platform for Ruijie to expand its reach in Internet application, unlock potential, bring competitive edges to clients for sustainable development, and ultimately drive the robust development for the entire Internet industry.