August 7th witnessed Ruijie’s new product launch in Malaysia. Nearly 100 end users from industries like government, education as well as small and medium-sized business participated in this event, experiencing the exciting new products and technologies unveiled by Ruijie.
Since founded in 2000, Ruijie has been deeply engaged in scenarios and customer-centric solution innovation. It is continuous innovation that places us at the forefront of the ICT industry, becoming the trusted partner of more and more customers. 
Revolving around the key word innovation, Ruijie showcased several flagship product portfolios covering WLAN, switches and cloud service. Behind the excellent achievement of 2nd market share in China enterprise WLAN market lies Ruijie’s industry-leading enterprise-class WLAN products and technologies. Geared towards high-density scenarios, the RG-AP740-I fully supports the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 standard, 4 spatial streams and MU-MIMO. Products like RG-AP720-L, RG-AP710 and RG-AP130(L) designed for SMB scenarios guarantee the enterprise-class quality, while simplifying operation and management and lowering costs. Moreover, the 2 kinds of cloud service – WIS (Wireless Intelligent Service) and Ruijie Cloud became the eye-catcher of the event, triggering much attention and interest of people present due to their terrific performance in boosting wireless experience.
At the event, customers were extremely enthusiastic in learning about Ruijie’s products. Live tests conducted by the technical team attracted quite a lot of participation and interaction.