The 9th BRICS Summit was held at the Xiamen International Conference Center on Sept 3-5. Ruijie Networks, the leading network solution supplier of China, has provided optimal services for the significant event.

Ruijie served as the sole and exclusive high-quality network service supplier of the BRICS Summit conference hall.

The integrated cabling network, information distribution network, security network and wired network for the conference hall were all exclusively provided by Ruijie.

Based on specific characteristics of each network mentioned above, Ruijie offered specially tailored solutions correspondingly. For example, the integrated cabling network was the one and only external network interface, guaranteeing the data security of the entire conference system. The information distribution network was applied to tasks of high priority, ensuring “zero error” for information release. The security network provided solid support for the effective security protection during the session.

To achieve the goal of “high quality” and “zero error”, apart from providing a high-performance, high-reliability and high-security network, Ruijie also provided ultra-integrated devices aimed for stable operation of the data platform, as well as advanced IT operation and management tools.

The 4G Routers present a dazzling and gorgeous nightscape of Xiamen.

Xiamen boasts the largest nightscape of lights in the world, covering 1,600 buildings and more than 2,000 distribution points. Looking down at the city at night, you will definitely be fascinated by the magnificent spectacle, owing to the awesome work of Ruijie.

When it comes to a certain nightscape project, it is well known that the control of lights depends on the network transmission to a large extent. Therefore Ruijie’s engineers set up a RG-RSR10 Series mobile router at each point. With the help of the built-in transmission optimization feature, the negative effect of 4G link oscillation and network latency will be substantially reduced, thus presenting a breathtaking Xiamen at night.

Services for the BRICS Summit represent trust, honor and responsibility.

Upon receiving this important task, a professional team was built at the first time to react.

From equipment installation and debugging, simulated rehearsal, to the successful convention, Ruijie not only sent the engineers to the Summit but also assembled a team of strong and profound technical capability to take action at all times.

In recent years, Ruijie Networks has become the network service supplier of more and more important international conferences as well as significant sports events. From sports events like Beijing Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games, to large events including Tencent Global Partner Conference, Yunqi Conference and GITC (Global Internet Technology Conference), Ruijie has always been providing major and important network services. During this Summit, Ruijie once again showed abundant technical strength and highly professional dedication by virtue of superb services for the event.