The Ruijie Channel Event 2016 was successfully held on 18th March 2016 at Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, Zhuhai, and Channel partners from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand jointed our International Market Forum in the afternoon.

In the opening speech, Mr. Terry Chen, General Manager of IBD, commented “innovation based on scenarios” and “our valued channel partners” are the key to our success. The international network market is huge, especially with the rapid growth of mobile Internet, “In 2016, Ruijie has officially charted international market development as one of the company’s strategies. With increased resources allocation, IBD will transform from a sales unit to an independent division consisting of sales, pre-sales, post-sales, marketing, training and operation. More importantly, we will set up an independent R&D center for the international market, stationed in Fuzhou and Beijing. The international R&D team will specialize in integrating overseas needs with the R&D headquarters in China. The mission is to go deep into client’s application scenarios; to develop and to support end-to-end products and solutions for overseas clients.”he said.

Mr. Terry Chen, General Manager of IBD, was giving an opening speech

Ruijie scenario-based products, solutions and market strategies for higher education and wireless markets were introduced during the forum, and these are also our key strategies for international market in 2016. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the demand for wireless networks is growing, during the forum, Mr. William Ho, head of Products IBD, shared the audience with Ruijie innovative wireless products & Solutions, especially, Mr. William Ho introduced Ruijie 4D hospitality solution and clouding marketing wireless solution.

Mr. William Ho, Product Director IBD

Education Industry is our key focused in 2016, Mr. Steven Ong,Head,Global Education & Service Division,IBD, introduced Ruijie’s education market strategy and how we can build a simplistic campus network with Ruijie 3-in-1 K12 solution and SCN Solutions (Simplistic Campus Network Solutions).

Mr. Steven Ong, Head,Global Education & Service Division,IBD