Recently, the 8th International Mobile Internet Conference (IMIC) was held at the Beijing Convention Center with the theme of 4G Mobile Internet Era Innovation and Revolution. Experts and enterprise representatives analysed hot topics of the 4G network technology and future trends together. In the session of Device Diversity of the LTE Era, Ruijie Networks, China’s leading brand of network solutions, presented the next-generation WiFi Solution with business intelligence which gathers user information from their devices for precision marketing. The integrated WiFi application of device connection, cloud application and big data analysis will unleash the creativity of WiFi technology in the Mobile Internet Era.

Yu Xiaolong, Ruijie’s Vice Director of Wireless Product, delivered his speech at the 2014 International Mobile Internet Conference

Currently, the global mobile Internet has become the most innovative consumer market which has the most attention. 4G and WiFi offer users with high-speed network portal. According to the statistics, the number of smartphones in China has reached 580 million by the end of 2013 and domestic users access the Internet via WiFi for 46% of the time on average. Surfing the Internet via WiFi has become a habit in most people’s daily life. In the past, WiFi was only available at offices, campus and home, but now it is gradually provided at more places for consumers such as shopping malls, hotels, movie theatres, attractions, restaurants and retail stores.

Yu Xiaolong, Ruijie’s Vice Director of Wireless Product, expressed in his speech, “As one of the essential ways for internet access, WiFi not only offers an excellent network environment for users via hotspots, but it also contains a huge commercial value. Nowadays, the widely adopted free WiFi has almost become a business standard. With the concept of device detection for precision marketing, Ruijie hopes to help companies overcome the technical problems in application and deploy the mobile O2O in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

With the increasing popularity of online marketing today, spontaneous consumer behavior has become a trend. The customers’ habit of using WiFi is a very valuable business opportunity. Companies can improve their brand image via WiFi, push promotional information for retargeting and retain customers’ information for further analysis. One of the keys to achieve these goals is by providing the wireless network which can detect user devices and gather user information for precision marketing. In view of this, Ruijie has launched a commercial WiFi solution which consists of the following 3 features: high-performance AP which ensures excellent user experience, precise device detection to obtain detailed commercial information and comprehensive data analysis system to provide key decision-making information.

Based on the Commercial WiFi solution with device detection, mobile devices with the WLAN function enabled can be discovered via the wireless channel scanning technology to obtain the device address and collect real-time data. Moreover, the establishment of the cloud database offers data services such as customer data storage, analysis and data export for the companies. The companies can also take advantage of the WiFi service to locate the customers, record their location, travel path and duration of network access. Not only is the WiFi service beneficial for retargeting the customers, but also able to analyse the traffic data and hotspot statistics to provide information such as ratio of new to old customers, areas which the customers like to visit and customers’ shopping paths. The power of big data unlocks new experiences for the companies and paves their ways to business success.