On April 22th, Mr. Xue-shan Yang, Vice Minister of the industry and information technology Ministry, visited the Beijing operation center of Ruijie Networks. Mr. Yang spoke of the achievements made by Ruijie Networks as well as the operation concept that “stick to the road of independent innovation and contribute to the development of China’s information industry”. He also made pertinent recommendations and guidance on the operation and development of Ruijie Networks.

Accompanied by Dr. Zhong-dong Liu(President of Ruijie Networks), Ms. Hongyu Liu(VP), Ms. Zhi Zeng(VP) and Mr.Pengju Hu(General Manager of government industry), Mr. Yang visited the office area, exhibition area and laboratory of Beijing Operation Center, and then carried out a discussion.

In the discussion, Ms. Liu introduced Mr. Yang the innovation development and achievements obtained by Ruijie networks. Over the past few years, Ruijie Networks has always been sticking to the research and development road of independent innovation. Ruijie Networks will regard master of its own intellectual property rights and independent innovation as the lifeline of enterprise development. In the company's nine-year years’ steady development, Ruijie Networks made persistent efforts in the road of scientific and technological innovation and will never cease. From launch of the 1st managed switch in China to the 1st customized routers for financial customers; from the 1st complete set of sophisticated network security solutions for industry park SAM in the industry, to the industry leading global security network solutions GSN; from 1st SPOH technology-based 2nd generation high-density Gigabit Ethernet switches in the industry, the 1st fully supporting IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack switches in the industry, to the 10G platform high-end core switches …Ruijie Networks successfully launched innovative technology and products one after another, and meet the application requirements of the market at the most extend.

Mr. Yang spoke highly of the efforts made by Ruijie Networks on the independent innovation. He said that the rise of Internet technology in China, not only greatly reduced the cost of network construction for Chinese users, but provide strong support for the growth and development of national information industry. Therefore, Ruijie Networks should firmly persist in the road of "independent research and development, continuous innovation". In addition, vice Minister Mr. Yang also provide pertinent suggestions and requirement for the operation and development of Ruijie Networks. He pointed out that when Ruijie Networks keep continuous technological innovation, we must also focus on brand building. The brand of Ruijie Networks should affect not only the clients, but also affect the public, because this is a key to build an excellent enterprise. Finally, Mr. Yang wrote an inscription to express the expectations and wishes to Ruijie Networks as follows:

"Keep sustainable innovation, and create the core competitiveness of enterprises".

It is reported that since the foundation, Ruijie Networks has received many visits of national leaders, such as Hu Jintao, chairman of China, Zeng Qinghong (vice chairman of China), Wu Bangguo (chair man of CNPC), and Jia Qinglin (chairman of CPPCC). National support and expectations will become a motivation to encourage Ruijie Networks to step forward further.