In order to achieve “Digital Maritime Safety Administration”,a system integrating and utilizing data communication and other types of technology to support the Maritime Safety Administration(MSA) in monitoring, managing, and assisting maritime affairs, as well as building an interconnected network among four major areas of the MSA within the province. The GanSu Provincial Government is planning on constructing a maritime affairs network used to store data, sound files, videos, and emergency messages. As of April 2009,stage one of the operation was completed,and connection between GanSu MSA and the Lanzhou Harbor was established.

Through numerous technical exchanges, Ruijie Network’s solutions, specifically designed to the customer’s needs, and high end switches, with high security reliability, have earned the recognition of the public. In this case, Ruijie Network’s high end switcher RG-S8600, high end router, and firewall were applied successfully in the network.

Prior to this construction, each MSA Department of the Gansu Province Traffic Department had independent local networks, yet these networks were not connected. By digitalizing MSA system, a safe and stable network platform will connect these networks.

After the completion of the platform, it will ensure real-time system and data management to be operated online safely; and will integrate and enhance the traffic systems network and the emergency handling services, making them broader and more flexible, ensuring more complete services to the public in the future. Complete systems will monitor ship traffics, ship auto-navigation systems, emergency incidents, and help complete the harbor security systems, preventing maritime accidents, enhancing emergency reaction abilities, and improving the security system of GanSu Province drastically. <