Recently, China’s data communications solution leading brand Ruijie announced that its RG-N18010 (Newton) cloud architecture network core switch has officially passed the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance certification test performed by the global SDN testing and certification center, and received the Certificate of Conformance issued by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). The authority certified result not only confirms Ruijie’s fast-paced SDN technology product standardization, but also plays a significant role in promoting domestic SDN deployment, flexible cloud data center applications and acceleration of next-generation Internet key technological innovations.

RG-N18010 (Newton) has passed the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance certification test performed by the global SDN testing and certification center
Screenshot from the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) official website

In recent years, SDN technology has emerged rapidly with the objective to enable the network to become more nimble and flexible in order to better support data center architecture optimization and provide fast responses to the ever-changing business needs. Meanwhile, with the rising market heat of SDN southbound interface protocol standard OpenFlow, the certificate of conformance has been widely recognized in the industry and gradually becomes a key reference during users’ purchase and deployment of SDN technology.

The OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance is currently the only and also the most advanced certificate in the SDN market to test whether the device demonstrates conformance to the OpenFlow specifications. Purchasing equipment with the Certificate of Conformance not only increase user confidence in application of the new technology, but can also bring great convenience to deployment and maintenance.

Ruijie RG-N18010 Switch Received the ONF OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate of Conformance

The testing product Ruijie RG-N18010 cloud architecture network core switch has successfully passed the 356 certification tests of the OpenFlow v1.3 certification. The certification tests include control channel connection establishment test, switch features statistical test, flow table configuration and matching test, action and command test, counter test, statistics test, error message test, controller-to-switch message test, etc. which achieve full coverage of the OpenFlow v1.3 conformance specifications. Ruijie has set up a specialized team for OpenFlow in September 2012, which is the first to develop SDN technology among the domestic network communications vendors. In May 2014, Ruijie has launched the latest smart open network platform RG-ONP in the global SDN conference and released the first batch of domestic commercial SDN controller RG-ONC subsequently. The certified RG-N18010 not only fully support OpenFlow, but is also the first next-generation cloud infrastructure network core switch to support both cloud data center and cloud campus network features, as well as cloud architecture network convergence, virtualization and flexible deployment. With the world’s top specifications, RG-N18010 can adapt to port density and performance requirements of different network scales to give full play to the features of OpenFlow technology, which can be deployed in diversified scenarios such as data centers, MANs, campus networks, and integration of data centers and campus networks according to users’ business requirements.