Cloud Connect China 2014 was held at Shanghai International Convention Center on September 16, 2014. To boost the rapid development of the cloud computing industry in China and help domestic companies go global, Cloud Connect announces the 1st Annual “Top Cloud Connect Awards” to applaud those companies which have made great contributions to China’s cloud computing industry with innovation and spirit. After the online and Advisory Board voting, the Ruijie Newton 18000 Series Core Switch (hereinafter referred to as Newton Switch) was awarded the 2013-2014 Best Global Cloud Innovations.


The Newton Switch awarded as the 2013-2014 Best Global Cloud Innovations is a Ruijie core switch specifically designed for cloud network. The Newton Switch is also the world’s first next-generation cloud network core switch to support both cloud data center features and cloud campus network features, achieving cloud network convergence, virtualization and flexible deployment.
The Cloud Connect 2014 focused on the connection with IT corporations, developers and business activities to discuss the key issues about cloud economy and strategy, big data, technology architecture and enterprise application, cloud computing data center, industry application, open source cloud technology and cloud security. Cloud computing experts from all over the world has enlightened us with impressive speeches and presented comprehensive cloud computing solutions with advanced strategies, latest technology and application details.
Since 2013, the series of security incidents such as the PRISM has made the industry realize that the excessive reliance on foreign technologies and products would make us more likely to be exposed to information security threats. Meanwhile, the development and improvement of the domestic market calls for products which cater for the Chinese users. Under these circumstances, the domestic manufactures represented by Ruijie realized that simply following the footsteps of foreign manufactures cannot effectively promote the localization. True localization can only be achieved by technological innovation. In view of this, Ruijie has launched the Newton Switch which can support 170k devices and authenticate 1000 devices per second. Not only does it provide the foundation of virtualized load balancing, cloud computing applications and big data, but also accesses the network at ease with exponential growth in the number of devices. The Ruijie Newton Switch has become an important part of promoting localization development.