September 16, 2013, Beijing News-Chinese network solutions leading brand Ruijie network constantly favored by customers because of the advantages of products and solutions in products market development. Recently, Ruijie obtained two orders of university network construction in Malaysia. Ruijie's high-end cloud computing data center switch RG-S12000 series will provide core power to Malaysia's university campus network and its innovative application of cloud computing architecture in Southeast Asia will also play an exemplary role in the education industry.

The successful purchasers are University of Malaya and University Putra Malaysia. Among them, the University of Malaya is the country's oldest institution of higher learning and ranked first among other universities, while University Putra Malaysia is Malaysia's largest university and the largest enrollment among other universities. RG-S12000 series switches, which were provided for the two famous universities by Ruijie, is the first Taiwan-based 100G platform cloud computing data center switch, using industry-leading hardware architecture design, implementation, data center and campus network characteristics integration. Its backplane bandwidth is up to 15T which can provide high-density Gigabit access and also fully meet all kinds of virtualized servers and storage access needs.

Dong Xinyu, Ruijie's International Business General Manager appreciated the continuous improvement of products and solutions in the global network market in recent years. Ruijie's products are recognized by customers, especially in high-end data center with its industry-leading product performance, flexible design, application-oriented full-service and ease of use by many foreign customers. As we all know, Ruijie accumulated rich experiences in the education sector in the domestic market. Although the needs of Malaysian university's information technology differ from domestic users, the large number of users, complexity of network structure, high performance, business integration and other industry characteristics are basically the same. The winning products, RG-S12000 contains RIIL supporting network solutions and Ruijie's RG-S12000 combines the data center and campus network technology to provide the industry's highest 2.56T virtualization bandwidth, high-density access, virtualization, cloud computing applications in order to benefit true non-blocking switching networks. Meanwhile, Ruijie can provide cost-effective overall solution capabilities, extensive network design, operation and maintenance experience for customers.

Malaysian university deputies went to many well-known colleges and universities for worldwide tours during equipment selection process which also included several well-known universities in China to conduct in-depth investigation. The innovative information application and intelligent network management of Chinese University gave them impressed ideas. Ruijie actively involved in China Next Generation Internet CNGI project and ranked first in the market share of China Education and Research Network CERNET2. Definitely, these experiences can increase the degree of brand trust of Ruije to Malaysian customers.