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Ruijie RG-EG105GW(T) Series Routers EG_3.0(1)B11P206 Firmware

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RG-EGW Series Routers



ReyeeOS 1.206 Release Notes












Document Version: V1.0

Date: 2022.11.07

Copyright © 2022 Ruijie Networks




Copyright © 2022 Ruijie Networks

All rights are reserved in this document andthis statement.

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Intended Audience

This document is intended for:

l Network engineers

l Technical support and servicing engineers

l Network administrators

Technical Support

l The official website of Ruijie Reyee:

l Technical Support Website:

l  CasePortal:

l  Community:

l  TechnicalSupport Email:


1.    Signs

The signs used in this document are describedas follows:


*    Warning

An alert that calls attention to importantrules and information that if not understood or followed can result in dataloss or equipment damage.


*    Caution

An alert that calls attention to essentialinformation that if not understood or followed can result in function failureor performance degradation.


*    Note

An alert that contains additional orsupplementary information that if not understood or followed will not lead toserious consequences.


*    Specification

An alert that contains a description ofproduct or version support.


2.    Note

This manual introduces the versioninformation, revision history, features, resolved issues, open issues,supported platforms, software upgrading and related documentation.

Version Information

Version Number

ReyeeOS 1.206.2228;EG_3.0(1)B11P206,Release(09222812)

Version Type

The official version

Applicable Products

RG-EG105GW(T) 1.xx

Applicable Clients

All clients

Release Type

The official release

Release Date


Based Version Number

ReyeeOS 1.99;EG_3.0(1)B11P99


1.Support Wi-Fi roaming optimization (802.11k/v)

2.Support Cloud link by mqlink


1.1   Revision History

Release Date

Version Number






1.2   Component Version







1.1   New Features



Roaming (802.11k/802.11v)

Support Wi-Fi roaming optimization (802.11k/v)

Cloud Service

Support Cloud link by mqlink


1.2  Changed Features






Resolved Issues

Bug ID





Open Issues

Bug ID


Avoidance Measures




Supported Platforms

1.1   Hardware Platform

Table 1-1 shows thehardware supported by EG_3.0(1)B11P206.

Table 1-1    Hardware Models

Hardware Type


Hardware Version Number

Description (Optional)




Routers, 2.4 GHz dual streams, 5 GHz dual streams, 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n/ac. The wired port supports a rate of 1000Mbps.


1.2   InteroperabilityInformation



1.1   Upgrade File

Table 1-2    Upgrade File

File Title




File Size

  14,938,497 bytes

Applicable Products

RG-EG105GW(T) 1.xx

MD5 Checksum


Software Version

  ReyeeOS 1.206.2228;EG_3.0(1)B11P206,Release(09222812)


1.2  Requirements

The system can be upgraded from a previousversion.

1.3  Important Points to Remember

The following are some tips for upgrading:

l  Thereis no need to upgrade BOOT.

l  The RG-EG-WSeries Routers can be upgraded on both Web and Ruijie Cloud. This document onlyintroduces upgrade steps on Web.

l  The RG-EG-WSeries Routers can be upgraded on Web, including local upgrade and onlineupgrade. This document only introduces local upgrade.

l  Duringthe upgrade, pay attention to the prompt messages. If failures occur, pleasesave the log and contact us for technical assistance.

l  Duringthe upgrade, it is recommended you not power off or reset the system, orplug/unplug any module.

Wait a few minutes after upgrade finishes andlog into Web to check whether the device is upgraded to the target version. Fordetails, please see Ruijie Reyee RG-EG-W Series RoutersWeb-based Configuration Guide, Release ReyeeOS 1.206.docx.


1.4   Upgrade Procedure

(1)  After the router is powered on, connect the PCto the LAN port on the router with an Ethernet cable. Enable Obtain an IPaddress automatically on the PC to obtain an IP address automatically.

(2)  After the PC obtains an IP address, visit by browser and click Enter.

(3)  Go to the homepage after completing wizardconfiguration.

(4)  Navigate to System > Upgrade > LocalUpgrade. Click Browse, select an upgrade file (e.g., EG_3.0(1)B11P206_EG105GW(T)_09222812.tar.gz)and click Upload.

(5)  After an upgrade to the new version, verify theversion information.



Related Documentation

Document Title


Ruijie Reyee RG-EG-W Series Routers Web-based Configuration Guide, Release ReyeeOS 1.206.docx

This section describes the Web management interface of RG-EG-W series wireless devices and provides detailed configuration examples. 

Ruijie Reyee RG-EG-W Series Router Hardware Installation and Reference Guide

This manual introduces the functional and physical features of the RG-EG-W series routers and provides the installation steps, hardware troubleshooting, module technical specifications, and specifications and usage guidelines for cables and connectors.


*     Note

The documentation may update without prior notification. Pleaseaccess Ruijie networks at for the latest documentation.




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