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RG-AP180(JA) Serial AP RGOS11.9(4)B1P1 Firmware

2020-04-30 View:







RuijieWLAN Series Access Points Release Notes,




Release Date: April 30th, 2020






This document includes the followingsections:

n  Basic Information

n  HardwareSupported

n  New Features

n  Resolved Issues

n  Upgrade Packages

n  Upgrade Tips

Basic Information

Table 1 lists the basic information of thecurrent release.

Table 1 Basic Information of the CurrentRelease

Current Release

AP_RGOS 11.9(4)B1P1

Applicable Product

Indoor AP series: AP180(JA)


Official release


Use the show version command todisplay information about the software version.

System description      : Ruijie Indoor AP180(JA) (802.11a/n/ac/ax and 802.11b/g/n/ax) By Ruijie Networks.
System start time       : 2020-04-29 20:39:59
System uptime           : 0:15:03:28
System hardware version : 1.00
System software version : AP_RGOS 11.9(4)B1P1, Release(07162918)
System patch number     : NA
System software number  : M18171304292020
System serial number    : MACC942572032
System boot version     : 2017.09.30d2f33(200420)
System core version     : 2.6.32.e9d2e3e574e8c77

Release Number Description

Software number M00212902172017 indicates00:21:29 on Febaruary 17, 2017.

* 1) Release number is formatted as AABBCCDD. 2) AA indicates year. 01stands for 2014, 02 for 2015 and so on. 3) BB indicates month. 13 stands forJanuary, 14 for February and so on. 4) CC indicates date. 5) DD indicates timein 24-hour format, e.g., 16 stands for 4pm.

Take release number 02212520 for example.It indicates 8pm on September 25, 2015.

Hardware Supported

Table 2 shows the hardware supported bythe NOS 11.9(4)B1P1

Table 2 Hardware Models

Hardware Model





Wall plate access point, dual-radio, dual-band.

Support wall mounting only for Japanese projects.


* See Hardware Installation and Reference Guide of each productfor details.

New Features



AP180(JA) series products only support MACC mode.



A Default SSID with WPA2


Provide a default SSID with WPA2 in AP180(JA) series products. The name is made up of “SSID-” and the last 3 bytes of the AP MAC address.





With WPS, a common user can implement secure network connection without understanding the SSID and security key.


Ruijie(config)#dot11 wlan 1

Ruijie(dot11-wlan-config)#wps enable

LED/Power Schedule Management


The LED can be turned on or off via CLI configuration.


Ruijie(config)#schedule session 1 time-range 1 period everyday time all-day 
Ruijie(config)#quiet-mode session 1
Ruijie(config)#quiet-mode active   



Support the PPPoE client on Ethernet interfaces, so that the device is able to connect to a host network by accessing a remote hub through a simple access device.


Ruijie(config)# interface GigabitEthernet 0/5

Ruijie(config-if)# pppoe enable

Ruijie(config-if)# pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1 dial-on-demand

Ruijie(config)# interface dialer 1

Ruijie(config-if)# ip address negotiate

Ruijie(config-if)# encapsulation ppp

Ruijie(config-if)# ip nat outside

Ruijie(config-if)# dialer pool 1

Ruijie(config-if)# dialer-group 1

Ruijie(config-if)# ppp chap hostname pppoe

Ruijie(config-if)# ppp chap password pppoe

Ruijie(config-if)# ppp pap sent-username pppoe password pppoe

WPS/LED/Power Button


Button control is provided to enable or disable the button function for the AP. WPS, Power and Reset buttons are included.


Ruijie(config)#btn wps enable

Ruijie(config)#btn reset enable

Ruijie(config)#btn power enable

DNS Proxy


When an AP works in the router mode, the gateway for users on the AP is able to provide the DNS query service.


Ruijie(config)#in bvi 1

Ruijie(config-if-BVI 1)#dns-proxy enable

DNS Cache


The terminals connected to the AP is available to access the Web-based system by the URL of “”.


dns-cache enable

dns-cache static domain interface BVI 1

Quiet Mode


When the quiet mode is enabled, the LED indicator turns off and the Wi-Fi signal is disabled. The power button can be used to enable/disable the quiet mode.


Ruijie(config)#default-quiet-mode no-quiet

Ruijie(config)#default-quiet-mode quiet

WAN Port Protection


The WAN port protection function prevents the Ping and HTTP access on the WAN port. The IP addresses in the whitelist are allowed for the access.



Ruijie(config-cp)#security deny wan-web

Ruijie(config-cp)#security deny wan-ping

Auto Channel


Dynamic chan-width and channel adjustment are supported. W52 includes channels 36-48, W53 includes channels 36-64 channel, and W56 includes channels 36-140.


Ruijie(config-if-Dot11radio 1/0)# autochan channel {[2.4GHz {CH1-11 | CH1-13}] | [5GHz {W52 | W53 | W56}] }

Ruijie (config-if-Dot11radio 1/0)# autochan chan-width {40MHz | 80MHz} 

eWeb GUI


Support Japanese language.



Resolved Issues

This section describes the fixed bugs.


Upgrade Packages

Use the following files to upgrade thefirmware to RGOS 11.9(4)B1P1.

Table 3AP180(JA) 1.x

Applicable Product


File Size






22973670 bytes


Upgrade Tips

The following are some tips for upgradingthe WLAN Series Access Point NOS 11.9(4)B1P1:

n  Use the show version command to check thecurrent firmware before upgrade. Select proper upgrade mode according to thecurrent firmware and the target firmware.

n  During the upgrade, pay attention to the prompt messages.If failures occur, please save the log and contact us for technical assistance.

n  During the upgrade, it is recommended you notpower off or reset the system, or plug/unplug any module.

n  Use the show version command to check thefirmware after the upgrade.


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