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Ruijie RG-WALL 1600-M5100 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4 Firmware

2020-02-15 View:
RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation Firewall RGOS Release Notes,V5.2-R5.13.9055.p4






RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-GenerationFirewall Release Notes,

RGSecOS V5.2- R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704



Release Date: Jul. 18, 2018






This document includes the followingsections:

n Basic Information

n HardwareSupported

n New Features

n Changed Features

n Fixed Bugs

n Related Documentation

n Upgrade Files

n Upgrade Tips

n Upgrade Procedure

Basic Information

Table 1 lists the basic information of thecurrent release.

Table 1 Basic Information of the CurrentRelease

Current Release

RGSecOS V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704

Applicable Product

RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation Firewall


Official release

Hardware Supported

Table 2 shows the hardware supported bythe RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation Firewall.

Table 2 Supporting Hardware Models

Hardware Model



RG-WALL 1600-S3100



RG-WALL 1600-S3600



RG-WALL 1600-M5100



RG-WALL 1600-M6600

1.0, 2.0


RG-WALL 1600-X8500



RG-WALL 1600-X9300

1.0, 2.0



* The hardware version number is rounded to the first decimal place.The numeral in the second decimal place does not change the supporting release.

New Features


Changed Features


Fixed Bugs

This section describes the fixed bugs.

Table 3 FixedBugs


Fixed Bugs


In transparent mode, if you add a VDOM without configuring its IP address and subnet mask, the VDOM cannot be created and you are notified of the failure.


By default, a new interface belongs to the VDOM where it is added.


The UI for oversea service support is improved.


On the Dashboard page, Feature is changed to Feature Menu.


n RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation FirewallHardware Installation and Reference Guide
This manual introduces the functional and physical features of the RG-WALL 1600Series Next-Generation Firewall and provides the device installation steps,hardware troubleshooting, module technical specifications, and specificationsand usage guidelines for cables and connectors. 

n RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation Firewall RGSecOSConfiguration Guide, V5.2-R5.0

Thismanual describes the various network protocols and their implementationprinciples with the detailed configuration examples.

n RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation FirewallRGSecOS Command Reference, V5.2-R5.0

Thismanual describes the configuration commands related to the various networkprotocols supported on the RG-WALL 1600 Series Next-Generation FirewallV5.2-R5.0, including the command mode, parameter description, usage guide, andconfiguration examples.



* You can obtain the related documents at:

Upgrade Files

Table 6Upgrade Firmware

Applicable Product

Upgrade Firmware




RG-WALL 1600-X9300 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin



RG-WALL 1600-X8500 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin



RG-WALL 1600-M5100 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin



RG-WALL 1600-M5100 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin



RG-WALL 1600-S3600 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin



RG-WALL 1600-S3100 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704.bin


Upgrade Tips

The following are some tips for upgradingthe RG-WALL 1600 series Next-Generation Firewall, V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e4-20180704:

n Select the software version which suits themodel. Each model corresponds to a unique software version. Besides, MD5 digestcheck is required.

n Pay attention to the message displayed during theupgrade operation. If upgrade fails, please save the logs and contact Ruijietechnical support.

n If a message is displayed to prevent restartduring the upgrade operation, please do not power off the device, reset thedevice, or remove any module.

n Login to the Web system to check the softwareversion after upgrade is complete.

Upgrade Procedure

*      The following procedure takes the upgrade to V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2for example.

Web-based upgrade

1)         After the device is started, log in to thesystem (default address: through the browser, and then click Update on the SystemInformation panel.

2)       Click Browse to select the .binfile used for upgrade

(RG-WALL 1600-M6600 V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2-20180227.bin), and then click OK.

3)         The system displays the message indicating thatupgrade is in progress. After upgrade, access the UI and view the currentsoftware version to check that upgrade is successful.

4)         After the system is started, log in to thesystem (default address: through the browser. Check whether the firmware version isV5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2-20180227 on the homepage. If yes, upgrade issuccessful.


CLI-based upgrade

1)      Login to the serial port. Enter the default user name and passwordof the administrator, namely, admin and firewall respectively. Perform thesettings as follows:

* Please use the console cable shipped with the device.


2)      Connect the TFTP server to the MGMT port of RG-WALL1600through crossover cable, or to the MGMT port of the current device on conditionthat the FTP/TFTP server can communicate with the current device through itsMGMT port. Copy the software package of RG-WALL1600 to the download directory on the FTP/TFTP server.

* Connect the TFTP server to the WAN port of the device without theMGMT port. Make sure the upgrade is implemented within a LAN. Specifically, theTFTP server and the device must be in the same LAN and mutually accessiblethrough the IP address of the device.

3)      Run the following command to transfer the software package andimplement upgrade.

RG-WALL # execute restore image tftpRG-WALL\ 1600-M6600\ V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2-20180227.bin

( indicates the IP address of theTFTP server.)

4)      Press y to confirm the upgrade operation, and the system willbe restarted.

This operation will replace the currentfirmware version!

Do you want to continue? (y/n)y(Press y)

RG-WALL# execute restore image tftp RG-WALL\ 1600-M6600\ V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2-20180227.bin

This operation will replace thecurrent firmware version!

Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

Please wait...

Connect to tftp server


Get image from tftp server OK.

Checking new firmware integrity ...pass

Please wait for system to restart.

Firmware upgrade in progress ...


The system is going down NOW !!

Please stand by while rebooting thesystem.

Restarting system.

System is starting...

5)      RG-WALL login: After the system is restarted, login to the system byentering in the URL bar of thebrowser and you will see software version V5.2-R5.14.9605.P6.e2-20180227 on thehomepage.



After the upgrade completes, you will see thesoftware version number on thehomepage.


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