RG-MAP852-SF-S Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Radio Basic Micro Access Point

Recommended for deployment in schools, hotels, medical care, office, production workshops, etc.



Highlight Features

  • 1G optical port and gigabit electrical ports, integrated wired and wireless coverage
  • Data transmission and power supply through a hybrid cable
  • Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, wireless transmission at a rate of up to 1775 Mbps
  • Unified cloud management, intelligent optimization, and easy O&M

Key Specification


Ruijie All-Optical i-Share+ Solution - Micro AP (RG-MAP852-SF-S)



RG-MAP852-SF-S works with the optical i-Share master AP to realize high-bandwidth data transmission and long-distance PoE power supply through a hybrid cable, integrating wired and wireless coverage.

Wi-Fi 6

Maximum Data Rate: 1775 Mbps

Maximum STAs: 256

i-Share Mode

P2P Power Supply Through a Hybrid Cable

New Wi-Fi 6 Experience with a Speed of 1775 Mbps

Hight Concurrency
Multi-user transmission technologies such as OFDMA and MU-MIMO are introduced, supporting 64 concurrent users.
Low Latency
OFDMA technology is used to transmit data to multiple terminals simultaneously. The latency is as low as 20 ms.
The next-generation wireless encryption protocol WPA3 greatly improves the security of wireless connections.
High Speed
With 1024QAM modulation, data rate is 25% higher compared with 802.11ac.

Unified Cloud Management
Intelligent Optimization, and Easy O&M

The WIS cloud network configuration and optimization can be completed without onsite operations.You can use Wi-Fi Moho for easier O&M.
With early warning of network failures, wireless networks can be monitored anytime and anywhere

Go to WIS cloud network >

Cloud O&M

24/7 Network Optimization

Real-time Warnings

Fault Location


Tips: Product information and performance will be affected by upgrade iteration, specific environment and other factors, so FAQ content is for reference only. For further information, please contact online support.
Can optical micro APs be used as common wall plate APs?

Yes. The optical micro APs support the i-Share mode. They can also be used with a switch as common wall plate APs.


Does the optical i-Share master AP require AC management?
The optical i-Share master AP supports the i-Share mode. When optical micro APs access anoptical i-Share master AP, a wireless controller is required (any wireless controller released on our website, except for the egress gateway with the built-in AC function and A series wireless controllers). The optical i-Share master AP also supports the common (Layer 2 switching) mode. When conventional wall plate APs, indoor APs, outdoor APs, and other devices access a master AP, an AC is also required if the APs work in Fit mode.


How many licenses does the downlink AP of the optical i-Share+ master AP occupy?
The optical i-Share master AP supports the i-Share and common (Layer 2 switching) modes. When optical micro APs access an optical i-Share master AP, the optical i-Share master AP supports the i-Share mode. The downlink optical micro APs do not occupy licenses. A fee is charged according to the number of optical i-Share master APs. Each optical i-Share master AP occupies eight licenses. When conventional APs access an optical i-Share master AP, the optical i-Share master AP switches to the common mode. The optical i-Share master AP does not occupy licenses, and the fee is charged according to the number of downlink APs: a wall plate AP occupies a half of licenses, and an indoor AP occupies one license.


Which ACs can be used together with optical micro APs?

All the wireless controllers released on our website except for the egress gateway with built-in AC function and A series wireless controllers.


Can APs without optical ports access the optical i-Share+ master AP?
Yes, all PoE-capable devices can access the optical i-Share master AP. For APs, surveillance cameras, and IoT terminals with only one RJ45 port, a photoelectric converter (such as RG-PF2920-DPBOX-P) needs to be deployed at the terminal to realize power supply and transmission conversion. This achieves utilization of legacy devices and protects the original investment.




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