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RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UP Banyan Cell Signal Convergence Unit

Networks for indoor scenarios such as office buildings, shopping malls, residential buildings, airports etc.



Highlight Features

  • Flexible Cell Splitting Capability
  • 5G/4G Dual-Mode
  • Excellent Cascading and Transmission Capability

Outstanding Performance

Flexible Cell Splitting Capability

RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UP can be connected with up to eight pRRUs. When it is connected with 5G 2T2R pRRUs, cell splitting is supported. A maximum of two NR cells are supported, and pRRUs in each cell can be configured randomly, allowing for flexible capacity adjustment of ISPs.

5G/4G Dual-Mode

The pHUB supports the maximum carrier specification of 1 × 100 MHz NR 4T4R + 2 × 20 MHz LTE(FDD) 2T2R or 2 × 100 MHz NR 2T2R + 2 × 20 MHz LTE(FDD) 2T2R. It can work in 4G and 5G modes simultaneously, supporting ISPs with new scenario coverage solutions at a time.

Excellent Cascading and Transmission Capability

The transmission distance between RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UP and the BBU can reach 10 km at most. At present, 4-level cascading is supported, and a single chain can be connected with 32 pRRUs so that ISPs can easily achieve high-quality coverage of about 20,000 square meters of property sites.


RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UPHardware Specifications

Dimensions and Weight



(W × D × H)

440 mm × 310 mm × 44 mm

Rack Size

1 U


4.7 kg

Installation Method




Fixed Service Ports

One 10G SFP+ port, connected with the uplink BBU

One 10G SFP+ port, cascaded with pHUBs at up to four levels

One 10G SFP+ port, reserved

Eight 10G SFP+ ports, connected with downlink pRRUs for data transmission

Eight RJ45 power ports, supplying power to downlink pRRUs

Fixed Management Ports

One RJ45 console port

One 10/100/1000Base-T auto-sensing Ethernet port for local management

Status Indicator

One power LED

One system LED

One alarm LED


One reset button

Power Supply and Consumption


Power Consumption

Maximum power consumption: 550 W

Static power consumption: 33 W (not supplying power to pRRUs)

Input Voltage

Rated value: 200 V AC to 240 V AC, 50–60 Hz

Maximum value: 90 V AC to 300 V AC, 45–65Hz

Power Supply Capability

One port supports a maximum output of 90 W, and the eight ports support a maximum output of 8 × 60 W.

Environment and Reliability



At an ambient temperature of 25°C,<40dBA

At an ambient temperature of 40°C,<45dBA

Heat Dissipation

Forcible air-cooled mode, front and rear air ducts


Operating temperature: –5°C to 55°C

Storage temperature: –40°C to 70°C


Operating humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Storage humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

IP Rating



The combined grounding method is adopted, and the pHUB works properly when the ground resistance is less than 10 ohms.

Compliance of Safety Regulations


EMC Certifications

GB/T 9254.1-2021,3GPP TS 38.113 (2017-12 R15) ,YD/T 2583.17-2019

RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UPSoftware Specifications

Capacity Specifications


Quantity of Allowed 5G Carriers

Up to 1 × 100 MHz NR 4T4R or 2 × 100 MHz NR 2T2R

(Single pHUB or cascaded pHUBs)

Quantity of Allowed 4G Carriers

Up to 2 × 20 MHz LTE 2T2R

(Single pHUB or cascaded pHUBs)

Order Information

RG-5GNR-pHUB210-8XS-UP is mandatory for Ruijie Banyan cell.




This pHUB can be connected to eight pRRUs. It supports four-level cascading and the maximum carrier specification of 1 × 100 MHz NR 4T4R + 2 × 20 MHz LTE 2T2R or 2 × 100 MHz NR 2T2R + 2 × 20 MHz LTE 2T2R.

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