RG-N18006-X Series Data Center Core Switch with 6-Slot Chassis and Zero Midplane for Cloud Architecture Networks

The RG-N18006-X is the next-generation high-performance core switch launched by Ruijie Networks. It meets design requirements of the spine-leaf three-layer network architecture, and can be deployed in



Highlight Features

  • Midplane-free design and Clos orthogonal architecture, ensuring non-blocking data forwarding
  • 6-slot chassis, various ports, and 24 GB large cache on a single card, better handling data center surge traffic
  • Midplane-free design, direct airflow, and cold and hot airflow isolation, greatly improving heat dissipation efficiency
  • Counter-rotating fan design, improving heat dissipation efficiency; titanium-level power supply, delivering up to 96% power conversion efficiency

Midplane-Free Design
New Architecture

Pioneer in the platform with 100 Tbit/s switching capacity and zero midplane, upgrading the core
engine of a data center to a new level

Innovative energy-saving design, ensuring product quality

All-round virtualization, allowing network resources to be allocated on demand


Core Switch with the Most Powerful
Performance in the World, Greatly
Improving Data Center Capacity

Rich interface types are provided to meet requirements of various access modes. Line-rate line cards
at the highest density in the industry are supported.

A single card provides a 24 GB buffer for storing burst traffic of data centers.

The CLOS multi-level multi-plane switching architecture ensures data forwarding, without blocking and
provides continuous bandwidth upgrade and service support.


Pioneer in the Platform with 100 Tbit/s Switching
Capacity and Zero Midplane, Upgrading the Core Engine
of a Data Center to a New Level

Service line cards are directly connected to switch fabric modules, so that data can be directly transmitted to the switch fabric modules, which dramatically reduces the transmission loss.
The switch transmission efficiency and device performance are improved continuously, supporting smooth upgrade in the coming 10 years.


Innovative Energy-Saving Design Ensuring Quality

Direct airflow for higher cooling efficiency
30° internal bend for each service line card and 106% open area of relative vertical plane for improved air intake volume
Counter-rotary fans for improved heat dissipation efficiency and reduced noise
Top-level power supplies in the industry for 96% power conversion rate
No PHY chip on service line cards for board power consumption reduced by 5.63%

High Performance

The RG-N18006-X provides rich interfaces to support various access modes.
A single line card supports up to 48 x 100GE ports, 36 x 40GE ports, and 144 x 10GE ports.
The RG-N18006-X provides line-rate line cards with industry-leading high density, and supports a maximum of 768 x 100GE, 576 x 40GE, and 2304 x 10GE line-rate ports.


Graphical Card-Grade GDDR5 SDRAM

With Capacity improved by 33% compared with other products in the industry, and 24 GB buffer of a single line card to store burst traffic of data centers.


Cell-based Clos Architecture, Delivering
Non-Blocking Data Forwarding

The RG-N18006-X uses the new Clos multi-stage multi-plane switching architecture to isolate the forwarding plane from the control plane. That is, switch
fabric modules and supervisor engines can be configured independently. The cell-based switching architecture ensures non-blocking data forwarding,
allowing continuous bandwidth upgrade and service support.


Next-Generation Multi-Process
Modular Operating System
RGOS 11.X, Ensuring High
System Stability

Multi-process modular design, high software stability
Hot patch technology, ensuring nonstop services upon software upgrade
OpenFlow 1.3, allowing smooth upgrade to SDN networks
More powerful virtualization features and association of VSU and VSD.


Midplane-Free Design, Achieving
Significant Bandwidth Upgrade

During operation, RG-N18006-X can be upgraded by using higher-specification line cards and switch fabric modules.
The RG-N18006-X allows smooth upgrade across generations, for example, upgrade from 50GE to 400GE, satisfying requirements in the coming 10 years.


Orthogonal Connection Between Service Cards and Switch Fabric
Modules, Reducing Signal Transmission Interference by 8%


Highly Rugged Chassis Construction Design
Supporting Midplane-Free Design

The midplane of the original device can provide support. When the midplane is removed, Ruijie Networks provides a solid chassis structure through
the design of the rail, reinforcing ribs on both sides of the chassis, and reinforcing partition card inside the chassis.


Accurate Interconnection Between Line Cards and Switch Fabric Modules with Zero Midplane

The patented design of 5-level accurate guiding ensures accurate
interconnection between line cards and switch fabric modules.
Line cards are positioned through the limit post and inserted into the chassis through rails.
The positioning pin of the keel corrects the line card direction.
and the line card direction is further corrected using the connector cover and pin,
thereby achieving accurate guiding.


Midplane-Free Design Provides Direct Airflow
Greatly Improving the Heat Dissipation Efficiency

Ruijie Networks is the pioneer in using front-to-rear direct airflow in the 100 Tbit/s switch. The cold airflow is isolated from the hot airflow, which is combined with the heat dissipation design
of the data center equipment room.
The design improves RG-N18006-X's heat dissipation efficiency, reduces system wind resistance, lowers energy consumption, and helps build a green and energy-saving data center.


The Panel of Each Service Line Card is Bent Within 30 Degrees and
the Open Area is as High as 106%, Doubling the Air Intake


Counter-Rotating Fan Design Improves Heat
Dissipation Efficiency and Greatly Reduces Fan Noises


Service Line Cards Adopt the Design of No PHY Chip
Reducing the Power Consumption by More than 5.63%


VSD - 1:N Virtualization

VSU 3.0 technology can virtualize multiple physical devices into one logical device, and VSD can virtualize one switch into multiple logical devices.
The two technologies substantially simplify the network architecture and pool network resources.


VSD - 1:N Virtualization

VSU 3.0 technology can virtualize multiple physical devices into one logical device, and VSD can virtualize one switch into multiple logical devices.
The two technologies substantially simplify the network architecture and pool network resources.


Comprehensive Virtualization

VSU and VSD can be associated to virtualize multiple Newton switches into one logical switch, and then to virtualize this logical switch into subordinate logical switches.
Network resources can be fully integrated and pooled, and flexibly allocated on demand.



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