In order to implement the "Decade of Educational Informatization Development Plan (2011-2020)" and lead the educational philosophy and innovation which helps to improve the analyzing ability of information technology and management personnel in schools, the Ministry of Education Management information Center and Ruijie launched the "Second National Innovative and Practical Digital Campus Competition ". The event gathered the whole China's IT teacher elite to compete for top honors which has fostered creative ideas atmosphere for participants.

China Educational Information Magazine Journal published the "Second National Innovative and Practical Digital Campus Competition" special reports which gave a summary of the sparkling competition. The competition works had nearly a thousand papers in which 815 were valid entries. The majority of works provided the construction of the information situation, a summary of problems and solutions as well as providing rational and practical ideas. Astonishingly, some works provided unique perspective such as using student development platform to build the idea of digital campus sustainability and healthy growth of student learning and using "iPad teaching" to explore new teaching mode in a wireless network environment. Those works had a considerable degree of reference value and leading role.

Besides, the works in Hong Kong division were much diversified. Not only provided the establishment of IT campus, it also included the campus network infrastructure and even green energy, astronomy, science and technology integrated into the digital campus which gave eye-opening ideas. The director of the Ministry of National Education Management Information Center of Forecasting and Evaluation Office also commented the practicality of Hong Kong’s competition works could be a learning model.

"China Education Information" magazine published part of the winning works, more details can be registered in Ruijie networks. ( Being the China's first solutions and network providers, Ruijie has been committed to provide ideas on information technology in Hong Kong and Macau. In the future, Ruijie will continue contributing in the digital campus and educational information technology.