BEIJING, 24 April - As a leading network solution provider in China, Ruijie Networks held the 2013 Partner Conference on March 16, 2013 in Qingdao. With theme of "Partnering with Ruijie to enjoy high growth", Ruijie Networks shared its outstanding market performance in 2012 with over 1,000 partners at the meeting and expounded its market strategies and channel policies for 2013. During the conference, Ruijie Networks president Liu Zhongdong introduced Ruijie's corporate value of "Innovation, Team Work, Responsibility, Perseverance and Diligence" and expressed the wish to build China's global leading brands and fuel China's prosperity jointly with partners.
In his speech, Mr. Liu emphasized that innovation has become a precondition for rise of China in the world, and this word is also important for Ruijie on the road to rise. Taken “customer” as source of innovation, and providing innovative product and solution back to customers, Ruijie has never stopped the pursuit of innovation and improvement. Because of this willing, prescient and stably perseverance and diligence, Ruijie Networks has won wide recognition and support from channel partners, changing the relationship between Ruijie Networks and its partners from project cooperation to market cooperation, from short-term cooperation to long-term cooperation, from incompact cooperation to tight cooperation, from business partner to enterprise partner.
To enjoy greater success in 2013, Ruijie Networks has initiated the strategy of promoting market penetration and coverage. According to Ruijie Networks vice president Zeng Zhi, the new market strategy is designed to develop markets both vertically and horizontally. Vertically, Ruijie Networks will establish five system departments to serve and explore high-end customers. Horizontally, Ruijie Networks will expand its business scope from niche markets to all industries so as to embrace massive network construction. With common goals and joint efforts, Ruijie Networks will grow rapidly and expand business coverage substantially.
In addition to optimized market and channel policies, Ruijie Networks will provide competitive new products to further expand its market share. As new technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) emerged one after another, Ruijie Networks released a "Simple Network" series that form end-to-end network application solutions covering all from the core layer to the access layer. These new products and solutions will bring better application experience to customers and help channel partners grasp market opportunities.
Over the past 13 years, Ruijie Networks has continued to reform and innovate. Currently, Ruijie Networks has partnered with over 2,500 channel distributors across China. Aiming to help partners succeed, Ruijie Networks will continue to optimize channel policies, reinforce sales platform support, and strengthen the relationship with channel partners in 2013. In this event, many partners showed full confidence in three key channel strategies of Ruijie Networks: exploring markets jointly with channel partners in both vertically and horizontally, releasing new products to increase market share, and strengthening sales support and relationship with channel partners. Many channel partners have attributed the confidence in Ruijie Networks for its compound annual growth rate of 38% over the past 13 consecutive years and its position as China's No.1 Enterprise Network Solution Provider in seven consecutive years. Ruijie’s sales team is strictly adhering to cooperation guidelines helps channel partners concentrated on market development, a full range of sales support helps channel partners to win the market, thus boosting the confidence in the partnership with Ruijie Networks.