Recently, Ruijie Networks i-Share Wireless Solution, recommended by People's Post and Telecommunications News, wins the 2012 Excellent WLAN Solution Prize. As a leading enterprise among the worldwide network solution providers, Ruijie Networks keeps its advantages of technical innovations in the wireless area. By virtue of its experience accumulated from many years' WLAN practice, Ruijie Networks launches an excellent i-Share Wireless Solution, which synthesizes the advantages of traditional-mounted and indoor distributed solutions. In addition, the solution adopts the wholly original i-Share technology, aiming to provide users the best network access experience. The prize fully proves the leading position of Ruijie Networks' WLAN solutions in China's telecommunication area.











  Figure 1: Ruijie Intelligent Wireless AP RG-AP-220-E(M)

With the diversity and fast increase of mobile terminals, the ubiquitous wireless applications are changing people's living and working styles. Nowadays, the mainstream wireless deployment solutions are classified into traditional-mounted and indoor distributed solutions. Either type has its own strengths and weaknesses. The traditional-mounted solutions have high performance and are easy to deploy, but have a poor capability of receiving indoor signals and severe signal interruption between APs. On the contrary, the indoor distributed solutions have good signal coverage and roaming capabilities, but have the disadvantages of numerous parts, complicated deployment, and low performance. Therefore, it is always a thorny problem to find an optimum wireless deployment solution for various complex public places.

To keep pace with users' changing requirements, Ruijie Networks continues innovations in wireless technology. It launches the i-Share Wireless Solution for complex and harsh wireless deployment environments, such as dormitories, hospitals, and hotels. After many rounds of evaluation, the experts and editors participating in the appraisal reach a consensus that Ruijie Networks' i-Share and Air-time Fairness (ATF) technologies showing excellent performance in various environments represent the developing trend of ICT technology and solutions. In addition, the WLAN i-share solution adopts dual channel deployment that vacates a valuable channel for the 2.4 G frequency band. In the environment where an operator's and user's WLANs coexist, this technology makes it possible to deploy two WLANs at the same site.













Figure 2:  i-Share Wireless Solution for hotel deployment

Through field tests, Ruijie Network i-Share Wireless Solution is proved to fully meet usage requirements of complex public places. Based on the i-Share technology of Ruijie Networks, a single AP can offer full signals for any corner of six rooms, so that the blind zones of traditional wireless signals, such as collegiate dormitories, hospital wards and bathrooms, and hotel suites are completely covered. As another main feature of i-Share, the Air-time Fairness (ATF) technology ensures the surfing speed of wireless network users on the terminals with low-end network cards by preventing preemption from terminals with high-performance network cards, so that each user can fairly access the wireless network with the best performance. Moreover, the AP in the i-Share solution is equipped with dual channel RF cards, which provide the access rate as high as 300 Mbps. The AP's performance increases six times compared with the traditional G-type indoor distributed system, and two times compared with the N-type indoor distributed system, completely meeting the usage requirements of high-density access users.

It is reported that the i-Share Wireless Solution is widely recognized by users of various industries within merely 10 months after it is launched to the market. In many first-class hospitals including Ordos Center Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of TCM, and Anshan TCM, the WLAN i-share solution solves multiple WLAN problems, such as frequent drop of medical PDAs, slow wireless care speed, and failure of cross-hospital ward roaming. The new 18-storey inpatient building of Ordos Center Hospital fully uses the i-Share Wireless Solution, which allows overall coverage of wireless signals while saving 24% construction cost, and enhances medical-care efficiency and experience. In the University of International Business and Economics, the i-Share Wireless Solution provides high-performance coverage of wireless signals for the biggest Asian monomer dormitory, Hongyuan Apartment, benefiting 8000 students.