Since its launch in April 2012, the Second National Innovative and Practical Digital Campus Competition for Secondary and Primary Schoolhas attracted extensive attention and active participation from educational administrative departments at all levels and frontline personnel of education informationization. After the preliminary review by the organizing committee, 174 proposals were shortlisted for the Excellence Awards and 41 shortlisted for the First, Second, and Third prizes. To live up to the enthusiasm and expectations of the participants and adhere to the fairness, justice, and openness principles of the competition, the organizing committee set up an expert panel and held review sessions on October 9, 2012 to extensively discuss and strictly screen the shortlisted works. In the end, 216 shortlisted proposals were chosen as prize-winning works, among which 5 won the First prize, 10 the Second prize, 20 the Third prize, and 181 the Excellence Awards. 

The Recognition and Award Ceremony for the competition will be held at the 12th China Educational Informationization Innovation and Development Forum in Changsha on November 21 and 22, 2012. The ceremony is to thank all contestants and give congratulations to the award winners.



Review sessions by the expert panel