The Seminar on Construction of Educational Metropolitan Area Network based on Real-Name System in Taixing, Jiangsu, was jointly held by Ruijie Networks and the Education Bureau of Taixing, Jiangsu on August 3, 2012. The seminar actively explored a better future for educational metropolitan area networks (MANs) through discussions on "How to build, manage, and use MANs in an excellent way" and "How to plan and build MANs to fulfill the general objective of regional education informationization". Taixing Education Bureau shared with 250 participants from across China the success experience of building the real-name system based educational MAN. Xia Lixin, the deputy director of Taixing Education Bureau, delivered an important speech in the seminar. He emphasized that the development of education informationization must be accomplished by using IT technologies to improve means of education and elaborately building a balanced, high-quality, and distinguished education brand. Zhu Yiping, the vice president of Ruijie Networks, delivered a speech focusing on the opportunities and challenges of education informationization. He pointed out that better serving education informationization is the permanent mission of Ruijie Networks. During the seminar, officers of the Taixing city fully affirmed that the construction of the educational MAN facilitates the rapid development of the overall education informationization. Gu Bin, the director of the Audio-Visual Education Center of the Taixing Education Bureau, shared the route to success in construction, use, and management of the MAN from the perspectives of the current situation of education informationization in Taixing, the planning ideas for the Taixing educational MAN, and future planning for Taixing education informationization. Feng Jun, the deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Working Committee of the Taixing Education System and an engineer of the Audio-Visual Education Center, explained model selection for the Taixing MAN technical solution in details. Meanwhile, he demonstrated in depth the experience of using an educational MAN based on the security of Internet access, operation and maintenance management, and bandwidth management. Qin Wei, the general manager of the General Education Industry Department of Ruijie Networks, shared his experience of serving the construction of the Taixing educational MAN by exploring the topic "Improving the Application Experience of Educational MANs Based on the Real-Name System". First, she reviewed the benefits of building the Taixing educational MAN. During the deployment and construction of the Taixing educational MAN, all affiliated schools have accessed the educational MAN and the educational MAN was efficiently used for various education and teaching purposes without security responsibility related incidents. The Real-Name Identity System proposed by Ruijie Networks was unanimously recognized by experts attending the seminar. Ruijie Networks believes that the solution to improving application experience of educational MANs is to provide differentiated services for bandwidth management, ensure secure Internet access and single sign-on to the application system, and customize educational resources based on user identities. The Real-Name Identity System is of great significance to the development of future educational MANs.