On September 13, 2012, Ruijie Networks won "2012 the Gold Medal for Service Satisfaction" and "2012 the Most Valuable Brand of IT O&M Management" at the "Annual Meeting of China's IT Services" held in Beijing. As the top network solution brand in China, Ruijie's winning the two awards at the same time is not only a demonstration of its excellent strength in service innovations and solutions, but also an indication that in the cloud-computing era, IT services are becoming the core value of network enterprises.


The annual meeting, themed "focusing on the innovation of cloud services and boosting a win-win ecosystem", invited many famous enterprises, including Ruijie Networks, and deeply discussed the influences on technologies, business modes, and IT infrastructures brought by the new generation of information technologies, such as cloud computing, to the IT service industry. Some enterprises received several awards at the meeting for their prominent contributions to the IT service industry.

As the top network solution brand in China, Ruijie Networks consistently adheres to the service tenet of "professional, speedy, and value-added" and constantly seeks innovation in the network informationization area. To better improve the service level of network devices for enterprise users, Ruijie takes the lead in rolling out the Better Net "one-stop IT service solution" that is in accordance with the ITIL management practices and theories. The solution, in which the "consultation + service + software + training" is carried out across the whole network lifecycle, beefs up customers' hard strength with soft strength of services, and adequately addresses customers' different needs sprang up during the IT construction and development. It helps customers gain core competitive edges by reducing management costs and improving service quality.

With over ten years of professional service experience, Ruijie Networks nurtures a unique service management idea and can set key performance indicators for each of customers' businesses to ensure the clearance and quantification of business goals. Meanwhile, the accuracy and effectiveness of indicators are guaranteed by the business data monitoring of the Working-Hour Management System (CSM), which wins Ruijie wide recognitions among customers and the "2012 the Gold Medal for Service Satisfaction" award for its efforts and innovations.

In the IT O&M management area, Ruijie Networks takes the lead in proposing the "ITIB" (IT as a service) idea and launching the RIIL IT O&M management solution to help customers explore the value of the network and maximize the value of IT work. With the experience accumulated in the successful practices of its domestic enterprise customers, Ruijie Networks' IT O&M management products quickly grasp people's eyeballs and establish a first-class brand image. Winning the "2012 the Most Valuable Brand of IT O&M Management" award exactly reflects customers' acknowledgement and recognition of the brand value of Ruijie IT O&M management products. In the future, with deepened informationization, enterprises' modern information systems will be increasingly complicated, comprehensive, and integrated, and the importance of IT services to the development of enterprises' business climbs too. With ceaseless innovations and better services, Ruijie Networks will make persistent efforts to release the maximum value of networks for customers.