e-Campus Today Monthly, a renowned education magazine in Hong Kong, and Ruijie will hold an award ceremony on 4th Nov for the National Innovative and Practical Digital Campus Competition for Secondary and Primary school in Charles K. Kao Auditorium of Hong Kong Science Park.  Meanwhile, there is a seminar for the Successful Development of Innovative and Practical Digital Campus in China, where two officials from China Education Bureau are invited to attend and share their experiences of e-learning in China.

Charles K. Kao Auditorium of Hong Kong Science Park

This event is part of the InnoCarnival 2012, which is organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of HK Government.  InnoCarnival 2012 features a diverse array of activities such as large-scale exhibitions, interactive games, talks, workshops, guided tours, science competitions and prize presentation ceremonies, for members of public to gain hands-on experience of the convenience and fun brought by innovation and technology to daily life.  This event will be start from 3-11 Nov where all activities are free-of-charge.

To register for the award ceremony and seminar, please contact Miss Agnes Wong of e-Campus Today at +852 23428298 or email: agnes_wong@ecampustoday.com.hk

For more information about this event, please visit:

Digital Campus Competition official website: www.digital-campus.hk

InnoCarnival 2012: www.itm.gov.hk/en/ic2012.php