“Information technology is a double-edged sword. It can bring us benefits if we play it well, or else incur huge losses. Three factors are essential for a successful hotel: brand, quality and profitability.'

Sponsored by Hotel Professional Manager Magazine and co-sponsored by American Hotel & Lodging Association, the 2nd China Hotel Technology Forum was held at New Century Grand Hotel in Beijing on July 20, 2012. Under the theme of “Innovation and Revolutionary Upgrading of Hotel Technology”, some 200 guests were invited to present at the event, including industrial association directors, experts and hotel senior managers. Particularly, the senior management from well-known hotel operators, such as Yuyuantan, New Century, Days Inn, Choice Hotels International, Super 8, HK CTS Hotels, Orange Hotel, FX Hotels and Celebrity City, discussed the topics of the times on hotel technology and innovation.

Li Changzhi, General Manager for Hotel Industry of Ruijie Networks, gave a wonderful speech titled the Successful Network Solution for Hotel Industry at the keynote speech session.  The speech is outlined below:

Opening Ceremory of the 2nd China Hotel Technology Forum

Information Technology is critical to the success in the ever-growing hotel industry

The industry grows speedily and all hotel groups continue opening new hotels. Facing decreased performance indicators and worsen results, what hotels need most is to apply the information technology to improve their core competences.

Information technology is a double-edged sword

A hotel may find it unable to run its expensive software and has to spend more to adapt the application to the standards and codes. This shows profoundly that information technology is a double-edged sword. It can bring benefits to hotels if it is made good use of, or else it will incur huge losses to hotels.

Next Generation IT Infrastructure for Hotels

Application security, national policy and regulations, and practical IT implementation can cause troubles to hotel networks. Once those issues are addressed, hotels are able to improve their efficiency, lower their costs and enhance their brands.

The "Successful Hotel Network Solution” from Ruijie Networks

A successful hotel must be superior in brand, quality and profitability. The “successful hotel solution” guarantees PMS network security and stability, allows centralized control over network gateway bandwidth and network behaviors, and provides wireless, ANY IP, WEB push services and functions.

Ruijie Networks Hotel Industry Manager - Mr. Li Changzhi

“Ruijie has seen annually 50% growth in the hotel business from 2010 to 2011, and expects a 300% annual increase in 2012,” claimed Li at the forum. Nowadays, Ruijie Networks has been serving over 5000 hotels nationwide, including five-star and economic hotels. Its successful hotel network solution has been implemented in over 2000 hotels across China. “We wish to share our success with all of you and wish you grow further and perform better in the huge hotel market.”