Exam Code:  E7211
Purpose:  This exam aims to assess whether candidates are able to manage and configure Ruijie devices to implement network interconnection.
Related Certificates:  RCNA
Test Type: LAB

Price:  USD  $160
Enrollment Prerequisite:  C8211 score >= 80% within the last 12 months.
Exam Duration:  90 minutes
Number of Questions:  One
Question Type:  Lab operation

Examiner:  Ruijie Networks
Enrollment Method:
This exam is conducted on training class but not carried out separately. In order to acquire the certificate, you must attend for the training organized byRuijieNetwork periodically. For how to apply for the training, please consult the local office or authorized training center of Ruijie networks.
Exam Policy:  Click  Exam Policy and Exam Requirements.

Knowledge Points:

  • Port-based VLAN/Trunk configuration
  • STP configuration
  • Port aggregation configuration
  • Port security configuration
  • Inter-VLAN communication configuration
  • Static and dynamic routing configuration
  • IP ACL configuration
  • PAT/port mapping configuration
  • PPP and PPP authentication configuration