On 10th August 2012, the South China Manufacturing Industry Execution System (MES) Application Forum was held in Guangzhou by www.e-works.net.cn, the China Manufacturing and Informational portal site . It brought together more than 150 delegates, including chief information officers (CIOs), famous experts and senior industry consultants from the manufacturing industries such as machinery and equipment, electrical and electronics, automobiles and telecommunications of the Pearl River Delta. The theme of this conference was focusing on the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) application. As the only hardware vendor of this event, Ruijie Networks attracted so much attention. Ruijie’s presentation topic delivered at the conference was Creating the Sharpest and Speediest Networks for Enterprise Development, which was widely recognized by the delegates, including industry experts and executives. After the conference, almost 50 CIOs and IT professionals gathered at the exhibition booth of Ruijie Networks, experiencing Ruijie’s solutions and exchanging technical opinions in depth.


Why could Ruijie Networks attract so much attention in a conference focusing on the operation system applications? The reason is that the solutions mentioned in the keynote report of Ruijie Networks such as Assurance Network Solution of Enterprise Critical Services, Global Security Network Solution and Service-Oriented IT Operation and Maintenance Solution for Enterprises pinpoint the current concern of enterprises. With such solutions, IT staff can put less efforts on the operation and maintenance in IT management, operation and maintenance so as to truly boost the value of IT. Among these solutions, the Service-Oriented IT Operation and Maintenance Solution for Enterprises based on the IT operation and maintenance system of Ruijie (RIIL) aroused the most attention.



RIIL Activates IT 

How to identify business risks and reduce their threats to businesses? How to control IT resources comprehensively, exploit their maximum efficiencies and reduce the costs? How to analyze defects and make critical investment decisions? How to prevent faults and avoid them in advance? How to implement detailed IT management and process control? These are new challenges currently faced by IT departments.


Firstly, the traditional monitoring system scans IT operation and maintenance from the perspective of resources while the RIIL system of Ruijie Networks is from the perspective of businesses. The RIIL system is customer-oriented and systematic. By examining the relationship between businesses and resources (including software and hardware) from the perspective of business, system can not only monitor the availability of resources,discover and locate faults rapidly but also discover potential risks and take action in advance. In addition, once the faults are located, potential problems of related systems can be identified at the same time.


Secondly, the RIIL can interconnect with related applications. For example, the ERP system management can be based on the RIIL online change approval process. The ERP system administrator accepts change requests based on the authority level.  The request will be assigned to specific administrator for implementation and close the process finally. The whole process is controlled and recorded following specific procedures. As a result, the user satisfaction with the ERP system can be increased substantially.


Thirdly, the RIIL can save the IT personnel workload by reducing the low-level operation and maintenance burden; so that they can concentrate on the work that can truly embody the value of the IT department.



Focused on domestic manufacturing market

Since the Industrial Revolution, the rise of the manufacturing industry has symbolized the prosperity of a country. The current global economic crisis makes more and more countries to realize that the manufacturing industry is the core of the real economy and the foundation that supports the development of the national economy. The manufacturing industry is also a market segment that Ruijie focuses on. So far, Ruijie Networks has served hundreds of domestic enterprises in China, such as China CNR Corporation, Foxconn Technology Group, Jiangsu Shagang Group, Sichuan Changhong Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., and Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. From now on, Ruijie Networks will continue to contribute and create the sharpest and speediest networks for the development of the enterprises in the manufacturing industry.