From May 21st to 22nd, Ruijie Networks sponsored the MAPITA 2012 conference for the third time. Held at the University of Malaya, Ruijie Networks demonstrated innovative campus network solutions through presentations, booth demos and “X-Lab” customer visits.

Ruijie Networks demo booth at MAPITA

Steven Ong, Ruijie Networks Product Manager in Malaysia

Mr. Steven Ong, Ruijie Networks Product Manager in Malaysia, presented on the topic “Build a 1Malaysia Education Cloud”; which demonstrated the future of cloud-based education to the customers. By educating the audience on the value of cloud computing, Ruijie helped showcase potential solutions which could benefit not only the organization, but the community as a whole.


Customer visiting X-Lab in University of Malaya

Most importantly, Ruijie Networks strengthened its relationship with the University of Malaya during this event. The University of Malaya built their on-campus X-Lab through the consultation and solution provided by Ruijie Networks. The lab now allows customers to have a better understanding on the concept and future of cloud-based computing in an educational environment. Dr. David, the CIO of the University of Malaya, has expressed his appreciation and affirmation towards Ruijie Networks. Through the establishment of the X-Lab in the University of Malaya, Dr. David believes that Ruijie Networks has brought value to the students and networking professionals within Malaysia.