From 15 to 16 June, the 11th Online Learning and Teaching Conference was held at United Christian College (Kowloon East), Hong Kong.  This is the 2nd consecutive years for Ruijie to participate in this event.  This event has attracted many educators and speakers from various countries and regions, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.



The conference theme of this year is “e-Click eLearning Network”.  Nowadays, both hardware and software technologies for online learning have becoming more and more mature, where students can enjoy their learning experience from anywhere at anytime.  Many educators have already excel their online teaching from not just extending the time and space, but also how to implement a ubiquitous e-learning network within an “e-Click”. 


As the leader of networking solution provider in the Education Market, Ruijie Networks has demonstrated the campus network solution with focus on the 3-in-1 eCampus Network Solution, EasyGate Internet Security Gateway and Smart Network Commander (SNC).  By deploying the above well-proven IP-based digital campus solutions, all teachers and students can benefit from enjoying flexible learning experience in both indoor and outdoor environments so as to match up with the main theme of this conference.