At the beginning of this year, good news was received from the Ruijie’s Data Center product line : the RG-S12000 was awarded the Innovative Product of Core Switches Award in 2011 by the authoritative media, China Network World!

As the most authoritative and the most professional domestic media, China Network World evaluates the products and solutions of different IT application areas through its unique technological observation perspective. The cloud computing, the green data center, and the huge amount of data analysis have become the focus of  contest. The winning of RG-S12000 is  another convincing affirmations for the advanced technology and concept of our data center product.

Based on the professional media comments from China Network World : "Targeting at the data center and the cloud computing, Ruijie launches RG-S12000 series reflects ‘the integration of network, virtualization, non-blocking switching, intellectualization’ features, and the series solves various issues of the traditional data center network,, such as excessive quantity of equipments, high costs and traffic bursts, etc., laying a solid foundation for the construction of cloud computing network for the user.”

Meanwhile, Network World introduces our data center switch, RG-S12000, from the perspective of a professional media:

“Ruijie’ RG-S12000 Cloud Computing Series supports 40G high-speed Ethernet modules as well as the single-board 48 port 10G modules to realize the non-blocking switching of the next generation data center and the next generation cloud computing network. It uses the VSU (Virtual Switch Unit) virtualization technology to virtualize multiple high-end devices into a single logical device, to effectively ensure the realization of the uninterrupted process of virtual machine migration,  and it also supports the 802.1Qbg edge virtualization switching. It can adapt to the application environment of large-scale virtualization of the cloud computing data center server. In the aspect of the simplification of network design, it fully supports the TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) protocol. In addition, the RG-S12000 series can provide FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) access and Ethernet access services for the servers, so that it can help the user to integrate heterogeneous LAN and SAN networks easily, and reduce the costs and complexity of constructing the data center. "

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