Recently, CCWResearch, the authority ICT (Institute of Computer Technology) researching and consulting organization in China, released the latest “2010-2011 China Education Industry Information and Networking Products Market Research Report”. The report shows that because of the innovative technology and mature solutions, Ruijie is widely recognized by the education industry user and keeps its leading edge in this field . Statistic of the network device sales volume in the education industry shows Ruijie tops the list with a 23.7% market share; and Ruijie also ranks first in the switch products supply in the education industry with a 24.8% market share. So far, Ruijie has been at the top of the education market share for six consecutive years.

The report data shows that in 2010, the competition in the education industry was relatively concentrative in China. Following Ruijie (with a 23.7% market share) are H3C and Cisco. These three companies account for more than 60% market share. Experts consider this phenomenon shows that the education industry users pays more attention to the overall strength and technical innovation of the supplier when selecting the network devices; so enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and technology advantages are more likely to be prominent.

It is known that the education industry has been the traditional advantage industry of Ruijie for years. Ruijie tailored a series of network products and solutions for the education industry. Early in 2002, Ruijie launched the SAM security operation management solution for billing management in universities; in 2004, in order to solve the security problem of campus networks, Ruijie launched the global security network solution (GSN). In 2010, the launching of the five-in-one campus network security operation management solution laid a solid foundation for digital campus construction and sustainable development, with characteristics of worry-free security, operation and management.