On September 2, the service provisioning ceremony of 209 business outlets of the Agricultural Bank of China Tibet branch was hold in Lhasa. Duo Jizeren, the vice president of Tibet Autonomous Region, and Yang Kun, the executive director and deputy president of the Agricultural Bank of China attended the ceremony.

The service provisioning of 209 business outlets represents that the informatization construction of the Agricultural Bank of China in Tibet achieves substantive results. The Agricultural Bank of China Tibet branch basically realizes the electronization in business networks in urban areas, counties, and major villages and towns and achieves the data collection, centralized service processing, and interconnection with all the business networks of the Agricultural Bank of China country-wide. The basic financial service conditions for people on the snowy plateau, especially for the farmers and herdsmen, are significantly improved.

To complete this financial project that is closely concerning the vital interests of people of every nationality masses in Tibet, various departments of the Agricultural Bank of China such as the information technology management department, operation management department, data center, and software development center work together to resolve a series of technical problems and fully support the construction of the business network in Tibet branch. Under the instruction of the Agricultural Bank of China, the opinion about enhancing the electronically network construction in primary-level business networks of countries was stipulated. The Agricultural Bank of China has invested more than 0.5 billion yuan to complete the network reconstruction of level-2 branches and business outlets and deployment of generating equipment and emergency power supplies. Till the end of August 2011, 209 electronically networks are constructed under Tibet branch. The data collection tasks are outperformed in advance and the largest financial service network is constructed. At present, electronically networks and ATMs of Tibet branch are deployed widely, even at the foot of Mount Qomolangma and the peak of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The Agricultural Bank of China provide modern financial services for all circles and numerous people.

Under the unified deployment of headquarter during the construction of business electronically networks, Ruijie Networks provides corresponding solutions and products for supporting the network construction of Tibet branch. In areas with mature conditions, the MSTP lines are deployed. The LANs of level-1 or level-2 branches are reconstructed. The original MPLS VPNs are adjusted to the unified OSPF multi-thread + BGP routing mode. After the reconstruction, the availability of level-3 LANs is ensured. Wide application of MSTP lines plays an important role in new service provisioning and saving of enterprise IT investments in subsequently-constructed Tibet branches. This project involves thousands of S8600, S5750, S3760, and RSR20 routers. The MPLS VPN network reconstruction solution and switch networking products fully ensure the network reconstruction. Facing various difficult situations such as chillness and oxygen shortage and long transportation duration, the technical support engineers of Ruijie Networks work together to tackle tough and conduct tasks phase by phase to ensure the progress of network construction.

The successful service provisioning in 209 Tibet branches of the Agricultural Bank of China accelerates the diversified construction of service channels of Tibet branches and provides powerful technical network support for microcredit loans, comfortable housing project loans, Golden Spike Card, new-pattern endowment insurance, and modern settlement service in agricultural and pastoral areas. The services for people in agricultural and pastoral areas reaches see dramatic breakthroughs. Meanwhile, the operation management capability of Tibet branches is improved and secure and stable operation of information systems are ensured.