Recently, Ruijie Networks made it to be one the finalist suppliers of 3G network equipment to Agricultural Bank of China. Several products including RSR10-02 and RSR10-01G were favored by the client. Ruijie Networks will continue to work with ABC and its branches by providing 3G solutions and products such as routers to assist the headquarters and branches in building its business network based on 3G VPDN.

At the end of 2010, ABC launched the branch disaster prevention project, and 3G VPDN became a major target for the headquarters-branches-outlets WAN for disaster prevention. With deep foundation of serving large commercial banks in network construction and mature 3G solutions, combined with years of experiences in network construction for ABC, Ruijie Networks worked with its headquarters in numerous theory studies and polite work in its branches. In the bidding of headquarters in 2011, Ruijie Networks made it to be a finalist with comprehensive strengths.

This is another success of ABC network equipment purchase following the ACBS project in 2007 and the dynamic expandable project of branches in 2009. Later on, Ruijie Networks will work with ABC in its whole disaster prevention system construction, and will also contribute its efforts to branches in the 3G VPDN-based outlet networks of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and offline equipment deployment and counter business expansion.