October 4 witnessed a new chapter of outsourcing action plan of Fuzhou manufacturing platform. Global Senior Business Vice President and Europe Executive President Scott Smitch, Asia Business Group Vice President Brian Lau, China Business General Director Xu Wen, and Quality Director Su Bing from Celestica, the world’s fourth largest OEM, paid a friendly visit to Ruijie Networks. Supply Chain Manager Chen Yong, Quality Director Sun Xiaohan, and the team of switch manufacturing outsourcing action plan received the visitors, and exchanged ideas with them on manufacturing outsourcing prospects and differences between both sides. Both agreed: Together, we can do big things.

Celestica is an international OEM of electronic products. It became independent from IBM in October, 1996. It has branches in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, employing 40,000 people in 38 manufacturing and design centers. It works with world leading electronic companies, including IBM, CISCO, Juniper, Microsoft, DELL, LUCENT, NORTEL, NOKIA and HP.

Sun Xiaohan introduced the visitors the innovation and development process of Ruijie Networks over the past decade, as well as the manufacturing outsourcing plans and strategies in the next three years. The top leaders from Celestica applauded our reputation in the university and government sectors, strong R&D potential and growing market performance. They favored our strength and dynamics.

Chen Yong talked about the features of unstable domestic demand and short delivery period, shared the achievements Ruijie Networks made and the challenges it faces, summarized the experiences in marketing, and expressed his ideas on cooperation foundations and hotspot issues of common concerns (global supply chain management information system, inventory management, dull material treatment, production projection management, manufacturing cost, and SGNA), and he was very frank about the bottlenecks we may encounter in future cooperation. Both sides emphasized win-win results and the realization of most cost-effective product as a way to promote Ruijie’s growth.

As a leading EMS company in the network industry worldwide, Celestica marched into China strategically and is seeking local Chinese companies with self-innovation ability, such as Ruijie Networks for long-term partnerships. It hopes to find a long-term partner, the second Huawei in China. Scott Smitch shared the advanced Cisco manufacturing management experiences of the factory in Thailand, and also talked about the self-innovation platforms, such as the product stability analysis center, product invalidity analysis center and product quality inspection center. On behalf of Celestica, the visitors invited decision makers from Ruijie Networks to visit their Cisco manufacturing line in Thailand.