In the 11th China educational information innovation and development forum, the education information management center of the Ministry of Education nominated Ruijie Networks digital campus 3+N+1 solution as China's educational information creative solution in 2011.The digital campus 3+N+1 solution upholds the digital campus philosophy and is designed to meet the digital campus information planning requirement. The digital campus 3+N+1 solution consists of the following parts:

Basic network platform: It provides highly-available core platform, intelligent visualized egress management, intelligent security access, and intelligent network management. Public authentication platform: It provides the identification information of the convergence service system to construct the unified identification authentication platform of the campus network, thus achieving unified authentication of wired network, wireless network, and VPN.

Unified portal and single-point login: These technologies successfully satisfy the multi-account login requirement and effectively measure and manage the customer information.Application support platform: It directly shows the educational information applications and accurately identifies the service system running status.

The digital campus 3+N+1 solution is widely applied in many schools, including the No.1 senior school of Luoyang and Harbin light industrial school. With the intelligent management and security functions of the digital campus integrated solution, Harbin light industrial school can distributes the resources of different service types, network environment, service requirements, and application scenarios in a unified manner. Therefore, the various applications are supported while effectively monitoring the system and dynamically and automatically adjusting the network resources during the resource management. The digital campus integrated solution can automatically identify the security events and attacks on the network and take the corresponding preventive measures based on the security policies. In this way, services are provided smoothly and the campus network operation efficiency is improved.

The campus network of the No.1 senior school of Luoyang adopts the industry-leading 10 GB campus solution provided by Ruijie Networks, which deploys a campus network information platform with high performance, reliability, security, and efficiency. The 10 GB campus solution lays a solid foundation for the service expansion and efficient application system operation. The 10 GB campus solution helps the educational information application of the No.1 senior school of Luoyang reaches a new level.

With many years of serving education industry, Ruijie Networks has made great achievements. Each success reflects Ruijie's hard working and creative researching. This award is a positive affirmation and praise to Ruijie Networks.Ruijie Networks will keep engaging in promoting the development of education informatization.