WLAN, an important part of full-service (wireless + base station fiber extension + IP + IMS) network development policy of China Mobile, has become an important supplement to TD/GSM networks and is also a key basis and a penetration point for China Mobile to set its footprint in the broadband field. To win the competition and remove bandwidth bottleneck of wireless access, China Mobile (Beijing) defines a development policy of four networks: 2G + TD-SCDMA + TDLTE + WLAN. By constructing WLANs on a large scale and supplementing the current TD and GSM networks, China Mobile (Beijing) effectively distributes data streams, lowers construction expenditures, and explores the integration between WLANs and TD/GSM networks as well as services.

According to guidance on WLAN construction of China Mobile, China Mobile (Beijing) plans to deploy wireless coverage on hot spots in Beijing, such as schools, CBDs, stations, and airports. In 2011, China Mobile (Beijing) plans to cover over 10,000 hot spots, which requires around 120,000 AP devices. Rapid WLAN construction on an ultra-large scale greatly challenges product quality and supply capability of WLAN equipment providers. As an important partner of China Mobile, Ruijie is selected as one of major suppliers of WLAN projects of China Mobile (Beijing) based on China Mobile rating results of WLAN collective purchasing weight. As a professional data communication device vendor in China, Ruijie delivers an all-round WLAN solution for China Mobile (Beijing), incorporating wireless APs, ACs, PoE/PoE+ switches and aggregation switches with all optical interfaces.

According to WLAN construction plan of China Mobile, Ruijie implements a mechanism of rolling stocking for the demand in the future six months to address the demand for devices. At present, Ruijie has delivered ACs that support reliable access of over 30,000 APs, more than 5,000 PoE access switches and over 500 aggregation switches with all optical interfaces for China Mobile (Beijing). Such devices guarantee WLAN implementation.

Ruijie provides an all-round WLAN access solution for customers and therefore becomes a trusted partner of China Mobile (Beijing). By the rolling rocking mechanism. Ruijie effectively guarantees WLAN construction progress of China Mobile (Beijing). Currently, China Mobile (Beijing) has provided a full range of WiFi signal coverage in major hot spots. This effectively relieves pressure on service implementation and KPI assessment and obtains WLAN service implementation advantages. Based on such achievement, China Mobile (Beijing) is recognized by China Mobile.