The other day, the result of 2011 China Life Insurance’s electronic device procurement invited bidding was made public. Ruijie Networks won exclusively again in switch and router procurement bids. By then Ruijie Networks continued to serve those province-level branch companies of China Life Insurance by providing routers and switches and other network devices of all levels from core-level to access-level. It was reported that Ruijie Networks was also selected by China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited as its exclusive network device provider.

Ruijie Networks’ products for this bid would be applied in network construction and reconstruction within each branch company of China Life Insurance to consolidate infrastructures and establish a solid foundation for the reformation of nation-wide network flattening next year. The director of the insurance sector in Ruijie Networks indicated that Ruijie had ample experience in designing and implementing network flattening and they hoped to continue providing service for China Life Insurance in its reformation next year.

Ruijie Networks has served China Life Insurance for almost a decade. The former has devoted more and more year by year into active assistance to the network construction of the latter’s nationwide system. According to statistics, Ruijie has deployed over 70,000 network ports for China Life Insurance.