In the network solution field, Ruijie Networks stands unmatched among domestic peers, but is Ruijie confident enough? Recently, Ruijie officially released its leading network lifecycle IT service brand -- Better Net.

About Better Net

In the market resume of Ruijie, there is a particularly striking point - more than 20,000 customers, with their trust and loyalty behind. Such a huge number of customers are the reward to Ruijie’s services, focusing on market and customers, meeting customer demand comprehensively.
We are not stopping there because of the achievements, but launching a leading network lifecycle IT service brand -- Better Net, by combining our understanding of our customers' demand and our own service pursuit. Through resource deployment tailored for customer services, high-quality and standardized service delivery, scientific management and support systems, and standardized products, Ruijie hopes to help customers achieve the goal of ''Make Net Better''.
This is Ruijie's long-term service strategy, and exactly the key to Ruijie’s success. Better Net takes "professionalism, efficiency, and added value" as the top priority in its service philosophy. Professionalism means making customer network applications more stable and efficient through standard quality and satisfying services. Efficiency indicates better customer service experiences through rapid service response and delivery. Added value means to help customers get benefits beyond the conventional standards of service and customer network application through proactive and one-stop services.
In Better Net, the "one-stop" concept is a shinning point. By providing customers with "one-stop IT service solutions" including services, software, consulting and training through the "one-stop" service model, Ruijie delivers brand new customers experiences. These are the key considerations currently of customers when they choose IT service providers.

One-stop for All

As the biggest flash point in Better Net, "one-stop solution for IT services" follows the theory of ITIL management practices, with "services, software, consulting, and training" covering the entire network life cycle process. By providing "one-stop" services, Ruijie Networks gives full consideration to the various service demands of customers in many different stages in the network life cycle, and the future evolution of network technology and changes in business development and customer needs.
Different from the services of other network equipment manufacturers, Better Net emphasizes customer-centric services and tailored products for customer needs. By providing customers with full three-dimensional "one-stop" services, Ruijie is responsible to customers throughout the course. We are determined to improve the availability and scalability of customer network infrastructures, to provide customers with continuous support around the clock, to ensure secure and smooth operation, to reduce IT risk and IT operation, maintenance and management costs for customers, so customers can focus on their core businesses while improving service and management capabilities, integrating with advanced international concepts and maximizing return on IT investments.
All along, Ruijie has been very confident of its services, and the self-confidence also comes from its market understanding and awareness of customer needs. Network solution providers have entered the era of competition with services. From simple response to requirements at the beginning to differentiated services and to performance-based services, every step of development is inseparable with customer service needs.
The launch of the new service brand Better Net is an inevitable result of Ruijie service development. It shows diligent pursuit of Ruijie to services, and also marks the opening of a new era of service. On the way ahead, Better Net will make customers experience the value and changes it brings through sincere actions.