Yesterday, the IPv6 official website of Shenzhen Universiade was officially launched. This is the first time in Universiade history that an official website has been set up through the next generation Internet. More than 10 million IPv6 users worldwide can access this website freely to learn about the competitions of the Universiade.


More Than 10 Million IPv6 Users Feel Free to Learn About the Competitions


IPv6 is the next generation Internet universally called for short. Currently, the widely-used Internet is called IPv4. The project of the Universiade IPv6 official website is jointly accomplished by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, China Telecom and the Information Center of Shenzhen University Town.


The project makes Shenzhen Universiade the second world-class large sports event (following Beijing Olympics) to synchronically transmit real time competitions to the whole world. This is the key demonstrative project of National Development and Reform Commission as well as one of the sub-projects of China's demonstrative project of the next generation Internet applications.


Li Huiqiu, a specialist in communications, says that IPv6, after it is put into operation, will provide a "freeway" for IPv6 users worldwide to directly access the website, which not only lets IPv6 users enjoy swifter and safer Internet services concerning the Universiade but also reduces the access pressure on the existing Universiade official website, thus stabilizing its running. Therefore, IPv6 will serve as a good application example for Shenzhen to follow in its entering the age of the next generation Internet.


The Beginning of the Applications of the Next Generation Internet


The launch of the Universiade IPv6 official website marks the beginning of the application of the next generation Internet technology in Universiade. China Telecom says that 7 major application items of the next generation Internet are introduced to the Universiade by combining production, study and research, which creates a record in the world in terms of variety and application scope.


The 7 major items are IPv6 wireless broadband video monitoring, IPv6 multimedia multilingual information services, IPv6 wireless real time transmission, IPv6 smart home, IPv6 RFID application, IPv6 broadband Internet audio-video and IPv6 official website image, which will provide guests from all over the world with unique information services.