With the completion of the performance of China women’s volleyball team, China pocketed 199 gold medals in the 16th Asian Games, the most in China’s history, which shows again China’s power. These proud achievements not only represent the arduous efforts of every athletes and coaches but also show that Chinese enterprises like Ruijie Networks try to realize the dream of “Digital Asian Games” through innovative methods.

This Asian Games has 42 events in 70 competition venues. There are about 12 thousand athletes, more than 4.6 thousand technical officers and referees, over 10 thousand journalists and media staff, 0.66 million volunteers, and 4 million visitors from 45 countries and regions. It has the most events and participants, the largest scale in the history of Asian Games. To build a digitalized Guangzhou Asian Games with the highest level of networking, the network solutions must reach the highest standard, and the secure and stable operation and maintenance during the events should be absolutely guaranteed. 

Assuming the responsibility of building the ADMIN management network of the Asian Games, Ruijie Networks faced grave challenges. By taking advantage of its solid technical strength and professional service team, Ruijie Networks have settled difficulties of the bigger 2010 Asian Games, helping GAGOC operate conveniently and easily. 

 Strong High-tech Asian Games of "Digital Skeleton"

The digital skeleton of the Asian Games mainly relied on two special networks, that is, ADMIN for Asian Games administration network and AGIS for Asian Games events. They provided the most basic technical guarantee for a perfect “Digital Asian Games” information system with powerful functions and integration, and for realizing the digitalizing and intelligentizing operation management.

As the organizer of the Asian Games, GAGOC needed to prepare and coordinate very complicated work. The effective organization and management must rely on the ADMIN private network, through the integration of over 20 different systems including web portals, OA office, the knowledge management system, CRM system and the project management system, information Issue system (IRS) and multimedia information system to provide comprehensive, secure, stable and strong supports for Asian Games directing networks. The ADMIN private network features widely-related construction fields, the long construction progress, a great number of services, and high requirements of operation and maintenance of the Asian Games and Asian Para Games, Ruijie Networks provided for the GAGOC with the highly stable, highly secure, high-performance, and high cost performance ADMIN private network solutions with China’s proprietary intellectual property rights.

In the design of the ADMIN private network, Ruijie Networks created the networks that made the Tianhe Sports Center as the core, and covered five venue groups include the University Town Venue Group, Tianhe Sports Center Venue Groups, Olympics Sports Center Venue Groups, Baiyun New City Venue Groups and Guangzhou New City Asian Games Village Venue Group, and 70 competition venues.

The ADMIN private network should be highly reliable. Based on this, during the design, Ruijie Networks strictly controlled the infrastructure, using many network techniques to ensure the reliability of the network including the redundance link (used between the core layer and the convergence layer node) and redundance equipment (used by the core layer and the convergence layer). In terms of the network equipment, Ruijie Networks equipment was used to ensure the linkage and integration of the private network and the security products, for it had been tested in many important domestic and international projects.

The ADMIN private network used the great QoS technique, and Ruijie Networks used 4 QoS marks in the ADMIN private network. Based on the service demand within the networks, services of different levels were provided, and key services couldn’t be affected when congestion appears, so QoS fulfilled its functions. In addition, techniques such as the route rapid convergence and DiffServ were used to ensure the network’s usability, stability and differentiated service ability.

To ensure high-performance, Ruijie Networks, based on the traffic prediction of the ADMIN private network, had considered certain redundance, and used the leading networking techniques in the market to support the 10-Gigabit line speed and Gigabit line speed, and cope with the huge traffic, especially the unexpected traffic during the event. The 10-Gigabit Ethernet network was used between the key nodes and venue group convergence nodes. Between venue group convergence switches and venue convergence switches, venue convergence switches and venue access switches, the Gigabit Ethernet was used and the terminal users accessed the private network through 100 M.

Making Every Effort for a Splendid “Digital Asian Games”

The excellent performance of the Ruijie people in the Asian Games and its profession and confidence cannot be achieved in one day. To ensure the smooth Asian Games, Ruijie people have made great efforts.

From 2007, Ruijie Networks began to participate in the complex early consulting and design work of the network platform of the Asian Games, including the venue group distribution design, venue affiliation relation design, route/line length statistics, various operation system deployment modes, traffic prediction and the requirement for the private network of AGIS/ADMIN, the overall network technical framework design, the overall network route planning, the private network security integration, segregation of many traffics, the QoS designs based on services, comprehensive network management design, services and training, equipment technical requirement analysis, and more.

Meanwhile, based on the features of the ADMIN private network in the limited construction time, wide venue distribution, and too many construction units, Ruijie Networks, in accordance with the actual situation, not only made a rational arrangement for the private network construction schedule, but also provided certain elasticity to deal with the project changes. Having considered the importance of the ADMIN private network, Ruijie Networks put in a lot of manpower and material resources to create a dozen groups with clear divisions include leading groups, project managers, implementing groups, field groups during the Games, technical expert groups of the company. Ther