A few days ago, sponsored by the Professional Hotel Executive magazine, the 4th Professional Hotel Executive Elite Forum and China Hotel Construction Design and Energy-efficient and Information Management Conference were hold in Pullman Beijing West Wanda. As the leading network solution provider in the sector, Ruijie released its solutions during the conference.

The so-called “successful hotel” is to meet three requirements, that is, brand, grade, and profit. A hotel cannot be successful unless it has its brand, for no brand means there is no public praise or passenger volume, so it cannot be known familiarly by the public; Besides the brand, the hotel needs grade, for grade means quality and value. The high-grade hotel can provide special services and enjoyment both in hardware and in software; Meanwhile, brand and grade are all for profits, because only the profitable hotel can be successful.

Ruijie Networks Successful Hotel Solutions meet various requirements of the hotel network construction in these three aspects. It integrates technologies of the WEB propelling and webpage certification and the hotel CRS, WEB portals and PMS application platforms to order to provide active brand marketing and forge famous brands. By using the non-delayed intelligent network exit, high-capacity virtualized intelligent exchange internal networks, plug and play wired and wireless convenient network access, safe and fast Internet usages can be achieved, so the guests can have their best hotel experiences in the high-grade hotel. At the same time, this series of network construction and operation solutions are for the purpose of the optimal costs and the most profitable hotel, and make informatization create the most direct interests – profits.

Ruijie Network Successful Hotel Solutions cover several aspects including wired IP networks and application safety, IT maintenance, asset management, wireless network operation and management. Its goal is, based on the IP network technology, to fulfill the standardization of the hotel network infrastructure, to simplify the traditional starred hotel structure, to strengthen the core data protection, and to optimize the application performance of the hotel networks, in order to provide a new generation of successful hotel network solutions that are reliable, safe and high-efficient.

Li Changzhi says that hotel is a service-oriented sector, so it needs to improve the lodging ratio and operation efficiency by improving guests’ experiences. Meanwhile, the hotel belongs to people-oriented labor-intensive industry, so its development is different from the skill-intensive IT industry. The improper use of many advanced hotel information management system cannot only fail to settle practical problems facing the hotel but impede its development and make informatization the ivory tower. “The goal of Ruijie Networks is to make informatization work for hotels, help hotels succeed amid the fierce competition!”