Ruijie Networks, the leading network solution provider in China, won the bid of the Alibaba’s cloud computing data center project, providing the solutions for the next generation data center and offering the network support for over 50 million registered users from more than 240 countries and regions. The innovative Clos non-blocking networks, the huge distributed caching, the CEE and FCoE for the next generation data center, all these ensure to provide comprehensive and high-quality services and help Alibaba’s data center to improve its computing power in the cloud computing era, thereby improving the user experience of Alibaba to guarantee its leading advantages in its industry.

Alibaba is the leading B2B e-commerce corporation in the world, and its data center integrates and other various businesses. The large-scale concurrent computing enables Alibaba to have the data mining, modeling and analysis for a great number of individual users, enterprise users and stores and then obtain the crucial information regarding user purchasing tendency and regional or product development trend so as to make reliable enterprise decisions. Because of the great number of users and complex computing tasks, Alibaba data center raises high-standard requirements for the technical strength of the contractors. It is said that Alibaba data center demands the concurrent page view could bear over one hundred million online users, and only this requirement blocks many companies that lack strong technical power. 

Ruijie Networks, based on the application features of Alibaba data center, makes it clear to use the “integration and virtualization” as the core features to create the next generation data center solutions that fit the cloud computing features. Meanwhile, by using innovative technologies such as Clos non-blocking network designs, huge distributed caching, the CEE and FCoE for the next generation data center, it helps Alibaba address various problems facing the network data center, meet the ever-growing bandwidth requirements and build up the flexible business migration and dispatching abilities to easily cope with the future service development.

Through years of technological accumulation, at the commanding height of the application of the next generation cloud computing data center, Ruijie Networks takes the lead in both the basic technical concepts and specific product applications. Qin Peng, the senior product manager of Ruijie Networks switches and data center says that Ruijie Networks provides for data center users with not simply a single product, but also the entire solutions that include access level products, core level products, and security products as well as a whole set of management software. Besides Alibaba, the data center products and solutions of Ruijie Networks have successively been used by industry users such as the National Audit Office,, Dalian E-government External Network and Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department.