The Platinum Brand Award is presented by HK magazine PC3 and PC3 Corporate. The purpose of this award is to praise the brands which have brought the best quality of products to the market, as chosen through a public vote. The brands are nominated by PC3 and PC3 Corporate editors and then nominees are selected by readers to come up with the decision of final winners.

Mr. Jack Hu, Regional Director Received the Award from PC3

Ruijie Networks, the leading IP network product supplier, wins two awards. Its EasyGate 1000S was awarded as Internet Gateway Management Platinum Brand and RG-S6200-48XS was awarded as Network Switch Platinum Brand.

EasyGate 1000S combines firewall, flow control, and routing functions and is developed specially for small and medium-sized networks. Integrating software and hardware architectures and equipped with DPI engine and behavior analysis/management engine, it provides professional flow control, URL filtering, and localized log storage/auditing services while ensuring efficient forwarding at the network egress. With high performance and multiservice, it will significantly simplify egress deployment in small and medium-sized networks. One device can meet the needs for network egress deployment.

RG-S6200-48XS is a switch product for next-generation data centers. With full cloud computing features, it delivers technologies such as data center virtualization, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL).This product has been used by multinational Internet companies and world-renowned B2B e-commerce website data centers.

Mr. Jack Wu, Regional Business Director of Ruijie Networks, said that, one year and a half after setting up office in Hong Kong, Ruijie Networks was recognized by clients from different industries, including government, educational institutions, and enterprise. This is encouraging and proves that the Ruijie Networks’ products, solutions, and services are highly recognized by these clients.