Recently, the IPv6 Regional Conference, 2011 Malaysia was held in Kuala Lumpur. Ruijie Networks, China’s leading network solutions provider, was invited to the Summit in the capacity of an expert in IP technology field. At the conference, Ruijie Networks demonstrated its self-developed X-Lab teaching platform management system, and shared with all attendees the features and value of X-Lab as well as the IPv6-related skills available to IT managers and professionals via the management system in an IPv6 era.

2010 is the first year for IPv6 application. The recently hot topics such as IOT (Internet of Things), cloud computing and tri-networks integration are all closely connected with IPv6. Today, important technologies that are changing every aspect of our life are all based on IPv6 and extended in terms of integration and intelligence. In Ruijie Networks’ eyes, “trustworthiness”, “management” and “intelligent integration” are the three most critical aspects in an IPv6 era. The past decade is the time of IPv4. With IPv4 resources being exhausted, the mass commercial application of IPv6 is accelerating.

As a leading network solutions provider, Ruijie Networks has been dedicated to the promotion of IPv6 technology in both practical commercial use and application popularization, and actively participating in various research projects related to trial commercial use of IPv6 trustworthy technology. The newly launched X-Lab is a network lab management system developed specially for lab industry and based on IPv6 network application. As the managerial core of Ruijie Networks' lab solutions, X-Lab system is based on the currently popular J2EE architecture and targeted at the market segment of network labs in universities, colleges and vocational schools. With B/S software architecture and WEB browser access, X-Lab enables management and use any where on any PC. It is of high performance, stability, security, usability, suitability and functionality. System equipment, as main part of IPv6, can carry out IPv6 experiment plan after integrated with hardware.

Steven, senior product manager of Ruijie Networks International Business Department in Malaysia, demonstrated at the Summit to all attendees the features and application plans of X-Lab teaching platform system according to customers’ expectation on IPv6. The attendees were deeply impressed by the system for its safe and intuitive interface, highly efficient resource/curriculum management, logistic architecture and sound teaching management function.


This conference was hosted by Nav6 Center of Technological University of Malaysia, and received concerns and supports from the Malaysian government and local enterprises. Mr. Datuk Joseph Salang, Vice Minister of Information Communication and Culture of Malaysia, gave Ruijie Networks high praise and recognition for its network products, industrial solutions and years of unremitting efforts to strive for development and innovations in network technology. Ruijie Networks, China’s leading network solutions provider, will take advantage of the Summit to call for closer teamwork with our industrial customers, so as to provide users both at home and abroad with innovative products and solutions and to maximize the value of user network application.