For the training of vocational education teachers for computer network major, Ruijie School-Business Cooperation Manager Miss Zheng Qiushi concluded that the training of engineer teachers is bottlenecked in the following three aspects after her visit to all national vocational education institutes and relevant investigation:

1. Teachers have rare opportunities to participate in practical application and cannot enhance practical ability.
Most full-time teachers have little chance for long time forefront exercise and improvement; most of the state-mandated teacher training bases cannot provide teachers the opportunity to practice at the front line, and corporate practice is limited to the walk-and-see level.

2. Most companies are reluctant to accept teachers working as interns, which is not conducive to the construction of engineer teacher training bases. Companies lack the motivation to receive interns because of the cost of investment in resources and production safety issues, coupled with uncertain network engineering cycle; the majority of SMEs do not provide standard internship posts, and there is no professional instructor for intern students;

3. Evaluation criterion for engineer teachers is examination which is not conducive to improving their practical ability. Currently there is no unified evaluation criterion for engineer teachers, and most teaching institutes recognize "examination instead of evaluation", which is from theory to theory, so it is not easy to require teachers' practice experiences.

These are the objective problems we face, so how to help teachers improve their technical and business experience? How to help universities improve teacher training system, and help network department train quality professional engineer teachers?  Many people in the industry agree that vocational school-enterprise cooperation is the best choice for personnel training mode, and the deep school-enterprise cooperation is the only way to sustainable development of vocational colleges. Institutions need to build a new IT personnel training service system to integrate "business content" to "personnel cultivation" through "practical training".

Employers are calling for institutes to train talents that meet industry technology needs. Fast network technology update presents a huge challenge to the speed of learning for teachers; while institutes hope that teachers have dual capacity of "teacher" and "engineer", and their graduates can be employed right after their graduation. For the status quo, Ruijie University will launch a special solution in 2011 for CPPI Network Elite Training -- Engineer Teacher Training Program, and its objective is to assist the network vocational institutes to train professional network teachers, so that teachers have dual vocational skills of "teacher" and "engineer". In the process of teaching, these teachers will improve students' ability more comprehensively. Engineer Teacher Training Solution will carry out "general skills training" to help teachers reinforce the basic knowledge of theory and practical skills; "integrated industry training" will help teachers mastermind the courses and design training courses; they will also be provided with valuable "engineering practice opportunities" which help teachers gain comprehensive practical experiences, and the opportunities include no less than a week practice of corporate lecturer, and no less than a month of network engineers practice; finally the teachers have to take a strict "engineer teacher qualification evaluation" process, which helps improve the teacher evaluation system.

CPPI Network Elite Training Program is developed by a number of senior experts from the Ruijie Networks in collaboration with education-expert cooperate engineers. The program follows future development trend of education, is oriented to the employment market and meets post and industry standard. The program is a complete, comprehensive training model focusing on three aspects of professional training of technology, skills and professionalism. Ruijie has assisted more than 1500 institutions in the country to establish network training bases, and developed more than 80 sets of network teaching materials, conducted nearly 200 backbone teacher trainings in conjunction with institutions at all levels. Through developing new mode of university-business cooperation, Ruijie Networks will work together with more universities and institutes to explore network talent training methods. While helping train network professionals and improve employment, Ruijie also seeks to prepare network candidates with professionalism, knowledge of IT project process, familiar with a variety of network technologies to promote China's information process.