Together with Ruijie University, Ruijie Department of Operators held the 2nd RCNA China Mobile Special Training 2011 from April 18, to 23, 2011 in Ruijie laboratory in Central University for Nationalities as scheduled. The customers are mainly from Jilin Mobile, Shanxi Mobile, Hubei Mobile, and Beijing Mobile, Inner Mongolia Mobile and other provincial mobile companies and municipal branches. All training customers are a total of 35 people from provincial "local network center, "network management center" "project center", "support center", "data services programs support department" and other front-line staff. 

Ruijie improved the training courses on the basis of the first training session in March 2011. According to its provincial WLAN network construction and data services development status, Ruijie customized one-day special training for China Mobile. The one-day special raining includes "introducing finalist products in its centralized purchase of switches", "Ruijie WLAN switch supporting solutions", "special solutions for big customers", "Ruijie switch configuration, testing and troubleshooting solutions". Customers generally indicate that first-line staff improved significantly in communication technology and practical work through the 6-day theory and hands-on learning and examination for certification.

During the training, Ruijie Networks also arranged a visit to Ruijie Beijing center and other business activities to further enhance the relationship between Ruijie and customers from China Mobile.

With the ongoing "China Mobile RCNA special training" series of activities, provincial companies of China Mobile increasingly recognize Ruijie’s attitude and value of "active service" and to "help customers solve problems".