Extensive application of cloud computing has brought profound changes to computing model. Cloud services, data center and other new business development have also brought unprecedented security challenges. At the same time, domestic and foreign hackers profit-making industry chain gradually comes into being, increasing the security risks of the cloud age. These to some extent pose severe challenges to the enterprise's network. So in this context, how to make the painstaking-constructed internal network meet the rapid growth of their own business, but also prevent some potential risks at the same time? With increasing updates in information technology, how should a business improve their own internal security system on their original basis to make it impregnable? All these questions will be answered on April 20, 2011 in Beijing with the release of "next generation firewall" product series innovative architecture by Ruijie.

It is reported that the newly released next-generation cloud computing-oriented firewall is an innovation based on UTM and other traditional security technologies accumulated over the years. With the application of multiple innovative technologies released by Ruijie Security research group RG-Slab and the three technical characteristics of Hi-Speed, High-integration and High-intelligence, the needs of users in different industries can be fully met.

Different from many different traditional firewalls, the next generation of Ruijie firewall has many unique innovations in the integration engine: complete packet handling at one time; reuse of public processes by each functional module to speed up processing speed; logical order of all function modules, to reduce redundant operations. For example, flow control is conducted first, and then comes anti-virus, and packets dropped from flow control strategy does not need antivirus; configuration and management go through fixed processes, so strategies are simpler and easier to understand. For example, mail servers "allow only 25-port traffic, and the speed is limited to 300M to kill e-mail virus", and three modules of firewall, flow control and anti-virus are configured at one time to complete a management strategy.

It is reported that RG-Slab is an independent security research organization of Ruijie Networks, and it has been over the years building "regulations and humanity-based information security framework", and it encourages the concept of "smart security, and human security". The newly released next-generation firewall is product representing RG-Slab's security architecture. It is a full expression of Ruijie's constant pursuit of technological innovation and progress, as well as a deep understanding of users' network security needs. Ruijie does enhance user operation efficiency and reduce security risks, thus harvesting a win-win situation with users and partners.

The firewall release also has distinct characteristics of the cloud computing age. Ruijie opened the official on-line release website, and supports real-time interaction through new media such as micro-blog. On April 20, the official website will be available, so you can visit it and experience the next generation firewall, and you are also welcome to the "free trial" launched by the website.