Recently, the authority ICT research and consulting organization in China CCW Research released the latest 2010-2011 China Education Industry Information and Networking Products Market Research Report. The report shows that Ruijie is widely recognized by the education industry with its innovative technology and proven solutions for a wide range of users and continues to be a leader in this field. Statistic of network equipment sales in the education industry shows Ruijie tops the list with 23.7% market share; in the market segment rankings, Ruijie ranks first in switch product supply in the education sector with 24.8% market share. At this point, Ruijie has been topping the list of education market share for 6 consecutive years.

Report data show that in 2010, China's education industry provided a competitive network equipment market, following Ruijie with 23.7% market share are H3C and Cisco. These three companies account for more than 60% market share. Experts think this phenomenon shows that customers in the education sector concern increasingly about the overall strength and technical innovation of the makers in the purchase of network equipment, so those with strong comprehensive strength, technology advantages are more likely to be prominent.

It is understood that the education sector has been the traditional advantage of Ruijie for years. Ruijie tailored a series of network products and solutions for the education sector. Early in 2002, Ruijie launched the SAM security operations management solution for billing management in universities; in 2004, to address the campus network security, Ruijie launched the global security network solutions (GSN). In 2010, the launch of the five-in-one campus network security operations management solution laid a solid foundation for digital campus building and sustainable development, and worry-free operation and management.

Today, the network products and solutions Ruijie tailored for educational users have been widely used across the country. In more than 2,000 colleges and universities in China, already more than 1,850 universities are using the equipment provided by Ruijie. Among them, more than 89% and 92% of “211” and “985” colleges and universities were also covered. It can be said Ruijie has gained the full trust and recognition among users in education.

Deputy General Manager Liu Funeng of Ruijie Education Industry Department said that in the future, Ruijie will enhance the value of customer network services and help customers reduce input costs and management complexity, improve the user experience and security audits, and simplify the open docking with innovative products and solutions.